Ask Stayfitcentral: Which Protein Powders Are Hypoallergenic?

Hi. I am interested in trying a hypoallergenic protein powder. What I need is one that’s good for building muscle and keeping me healthy. I’ve been drinking non-hypoallergenic, milk-based (whey & casein) protein powders daily for years and feel I’ve developed an intolerance. Lately I experience an upset stomach, bloating, and uncomfortable gas when I drink a whey protein shake. Do you think a hypoallergenic protein powder will help alleviate these symptoms? If so, is there a specific product you recommend?



Hi Chris,

Yes, there are two types of protein powder that are hypoallergenic, which means they won’t cause an intolerance or allergic reaction to occur. They are brown rice and pea protein powders. Both are hypoallergenic, which means they won’t cause an allergic reaction or intolerance like yours to be triggered.

Brown rice and pea protein powders are just as good for building muscle as other protein powders too. They both contain all of the amino acids your body needs, including muscle-building branch chain aminos. They’re easily digested, vegan, and all natural too. The brown rice and pea protein powder we recommend below also has 24 grams of protein per scoop. This is the same amount per scoop in most whey and whey-casein powders.

You’re likely to get the most benefit by rotating these proteins with a whey or a whey-casein protein every couple of weeks. If your intolerance or allergy doesn’t allow this, use rice and pea protein powders only. You should also check out this guide to the best gluten free protein powders for other products that shouldn’t cause you problems.

If you want to learn more before buying, read our in-depth reviews of Jay Robb’s Brown Rice Protein and our buyers guide toPea Protein Powder supplements.

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