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Beta Alanine And Creatine – The Ultimate Workout Supplement Stack

Beta Alanine And Creatine For Crossfit
Just like chocolate and peanut butter, there are some nutritional supplements that go better together. One combination that fits the bill is beta alanine and creatine monohydrate. Taken together, their many benefits multiply and make them one of the best sports supplement ‘stacks’ you can take.

Beta Alanine And Creatine – What You’ll Learn

In this article you’ll learn how this supplement stack can benefit you and best way to take beta alanine and creatine together for the best results.


Beta Alanine And Creatine Monohydrate – How They Work To Benefit You

Before we talk about how this supplement combination benefits you it’s important for you to know each of their benefits. This will help you better understand how they work even better together.


Let’s Start With Beta Alanine.

When taken the right way, it helps increase levels of a compound called carnosine in your muscles. Carnosine acts as a buffer against fatigue within your muscles. This buffering effect enables you to workout longer and harder before your muscles call it quits.


Scientific research proves beta alanine works too. Since 2006 over a dozen studies have been published which shows how it helps to increase workout endurance. Results from one study shows that beta alanine can even help you build muscle and lose fat at the same time.


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The Best Beta Alanine Supplement

Now Let’s Talk About Creatine Monohydrate.

Like beta alanine, creatine helps increase the amount of a performance enhancing compound within your muscles. This one is called creatine phosphate.


Creatine phosphate is used for energy during intense workouts like a set of squats, kettlebell swings or sprints. Having more creatine phosphate available enables you to recover faster between sets of every exercise so you can train harder and achieve your fitness goals quicker.


Another benefit of creatine supplements is that it helps you build muscle fast. When taken properly, you can expect to gain 3-5 pounds of muscle in less than a month. Some people gain this much the first week. Sure, some of it is from water retention but its not the type that makes you look and feel bloated. Studies show this water is actually stored within your muscles which makes them look harder and fuller.


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The Best Creatine Supplement

How The Beta Alanine And Creatine Stack Benefits You

So, as you may already see, taking beta alanine can help you workout longer and creatine monohydrate enables you to recover faster between sets. When taken together you get a supplement stack that enables you to push yourself harder, longer every workout. Over time, this will help you build more muscle, lose more fat, and become a much fitter athlete.


Sports scientists find that taking beta alanine and creatine monohydrate work together to provide more benefits than when taken individually. Research finds athletes taking beta alanine and creatine together built more muscle, lost more fat, and got stronger than another group who only took creatine monohydrate. All of the subjects were also lifting weights throughout the study. This is key since both supplements work best when you are training hard.


Beta Alanine And Creatine For Women

Stacking Beta Alanine And Creatine For Optimal Results

Taking these supplements together doesn’t require you to do anything differently than when you use them alone. Listed below are the most effective and safest ways to take beta alanine and creatine monohydrate based on the latest research.


Taking Beta Alanine

Take at least 3 grams a day for 3-4 weeks. This will help your body store the most carnosine in your muscles for the fastest results.


After taking 3 grams daily for 3-4 weeks you can cut back to 1-2 grams daily.


Dividing your daily dose will help keep blood levels of beta alanine elevated longer and enable you to see better results faster.


Only use a supplement that contains Carnosyn brand beta alanine. This patented, time-released form keeps it in your blood longer so you can take smaller doses less often. When you use regular beta alanine you will need to take 8 or more grams daily in 6-8 divided doses. With Carnosyn you only have to take 3 grams daily divided into 2-3 doses.


You can take beta alanine with food or on an empty stomach.


How To Take Creatine Monohydrate

When starting off, take 25 grams a day for 5-7 days. This will ‘load’ your muscles with creatine. Studies show taking creatine this way produces the best results in terms of building muscle and improved workout performance.


Once you’ve finished this loading phase, you only need to take 5 grams day to keep it in your muscles and the benefits coming.


Only use creatine monohydrate. This is the type of creatine supplement that’s show to work and be safe. Studies show that other types of creatine (buffered, esterified, HCL, liquid, etc.) do not work nearly as well if at at all.


You can take your beta alanine and creatine monohydrate together or separately. I prefer to take them together for the sake of convenience.

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The Best Beta Alanine Supplement

Which Beta Alanine Supplement Is The Best?

When buying a beta alanine supplement, I always choose one that uses the Carnosyn brand. Like I write above, this type of beta alanine is time-released which enables you to take smaller amounts less often every day. I also choose this brand since it is the type that’s shown to work in over a dozen peer-reviewed studies that are published in scientific journals.


My favorite beta alanine supplement is Prolab Beta Alanine Extreme capsules. Every serving has 1.6 grams of Carnosyn beta alanine which means you only need to take it 2-4 times a day to see get the dosage shown to work. A 240 capsule bottle will last you at least 30 days.

You can buy Prolab Beta Alanine from our online store.


Which Creatine Monohydrate Supplement Is Best?

When shopping for creatine monohydrate supplement, always choose a product that tests their product to contain nothing but 100% pure creatine in every scoop. I also recommend buying micronized creatine monohydrate. The reason for this is that it’s milled into a really fine powder that dissolves much better in water than regular creatine. This makes it much easier to mix and drink.

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The Best Creatine Supplement

My favorite creatine supplement is Betancourt Micronized Creatine Monohydrate. It’s tested to for purity and mixes perfectly in water. It’s flavorless too so you can add it to water or your protein shakes without affecting the taste of your drink.

You can buy Betancourt Micronized Creatine from our online store.



Now you know about one of the most powerful performance boosting supplement stacks on the market. Give it a try for yourself and you will quickly see the benefits for yourself after 2-3 weeks. Remember that both beta alanine and creatine monohydrate work best when combined with a good diet and intense workout routine. The better you eat and harder you train, the better your results are likely to be.


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