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MCT Oil, Weight Loss – How Fats Can Help You Lose Weight

MCT Oil Weight Loss, Discover The secret

MCT Oil Weight Loss, How Fats Can Help You Lose Fat

MCT Oil, Weight Loss – A Short Introduction

Can MCT Oil help you lose weight and, more importantly, lose excess body fat? The answer to this is most definitely yes!

In case you’re unfamiliar with MCTs here’s a brief overview. MCT is short for medium chain triglycerides. Whether fats are called short, medium, or long chain depends on how many carbon atoms it’s ‘backbone’ or structure contains. Medium chain fats (MCTs) have 6-12 carbon atoms, depending on the specific fat. This structure is what gives MCT oil its unique properties and benefits, including weight loss.

Like I write above, MCT oil has many different properties and as a result, functions much differently in our body than other fats. The major difference is how it’s digested. Unlike other fats, MCTs skip our stomachs and are instead shuttled from our small intestine to the liver.

While in the liver, MCTs are used to make ketones which are a great, and even preferred fuel for your body and brain. Increasing the amount of ketones in our bloodstream with MCTs can help you go from being a sugar to fat burner faster. This means you can lose weight faster, feel better, and have more energy than ever.

MCTs are not a magic potion, that will melt off the pounds overnight. No nutritional supplement can, nor should they, make this kind of promise. MCT Oil will, however, work better than other supplements that claim to help you lose weight.

After reading this article you’ll know just how MCT oil makes losing weight easier and not feel like a never ending chore that you constantly start and stop, time and again! You’ll also know the best ways to supplement your diet with MCTs and what to look for when choosing a product.

How Does MCT Oil Help You Lose Weight?

1. MCT Oil Increases Your Energy

MCT Oil Weight Loss - How Fats Can Help You Lose Weight

MCT Oil Weight Loss – MCTs Boost Brain Energy

Cutting carbohydrates and calories to lose weight works, but it can make you feel pretty awful – moody, tired, and even under the weather! The beginning stages are particularly difficult when you’re still getting used to this new way of eating.

One of the worst feelings I experienced at the beginning stages of my low carb, high fat diet, with the goal being losing excess body fat, was a complete lack of energy. The mental and physical energy drain made getting through the day, a huge chore. I felt depressed and sick. My brain and body just didn’t have the fuel they normally had from carbohydrates and/or calories to run at full steam. But I was also weary from the ‘burn and crash’ from too many carbs!

From my personal experience, I find that taking MCT oil the most beneficial when I feel burnt out or hungry. The MCT oil has positive results on both accounts. Now I have plenty of energy for hours at a time, even when I’m fasting for a day or two.

My mornings begin by taking one serving, or one tablespoon, of MCT oil. I’m not really a coffee drinker but would have some cold brew coffee to get my work day off to a quick start. Now, I can skip it and instead use MCT Oil for a jump-start. It keeps me going for hours, without my mind wondering off about my next meal or snacks I might sneak!

I take it again later in the morning to keep my energy up when I work out. I take it whether I’ve had a meal or on an empty stomach. Unfortunately, some have said they get nauseous or get diarrhea. My wife has never been able to take it on an empty stomach without feeling a bit sick. Her remedy: take a tablespoon of full fat coconut milk, or a teaspoon of butter and then take the MCTs. Works every time!

If you’re feeling wiped out later in the afternoon, taking MCT oil will give your brain and body a second wind! This makes sticking to our diet much easier. So, the next time 2 PM rolls around and you’re feeling tired and are craving candy and bagels, skip them and take a tablespoon of MCT oil instead. You’ll feel energetic, think clearly, and keep your weight loss plan on track.

I can always tell the difference of between the quality of energy I get from MCTs versus carbohydrates. While you might get a ‘high’ of scattered energy from carbs, you get a crystal clear focus with MCTs. Stay tuned for my article about how MCTs can benefit all of us who want to feel mentally sharp and alert all day long.

2. MCT Oil Helps You Feel Full Longer & Crushes Cravings

MCT Oil Weight Loss - How Fats Can Help You Lose Weight

MCT Oil Weight Loss – MCT Oil Can Help You Feel Full And Crushes Cravings

When you’re eating less and cutting carbohydrates from your diet, you will often feel and even hear, hunger pains. These feelings can get so intense you might feel like eating your shoe is possible!

These feelings and desire to eat lots of carbohydrate rich foods like pizza and pasta are perhaps the biggest killers of a successful weight loss plan. I’ve been through them myself and admit they’ve broken me more than once! Don’t be dissuaded or give up! Help’s on the way.

Taking MCT oil 2-3 times a day, one teaspoon full, really help limit them. Oftentimes, I will completely lose any desire to eat, or cheat! Depending on the dosage, you can feel satisfied or full.

How Do MCTs Kill Cravings?

MCT oil helps squash hunger pains and appetite by positively affecting the release of two hormones: leptin and protein YY. Both play roles in regulating your appetite. MCT oil helps keep them in check so you no longer feel hungry, even if you’re fasting or simply eating less every day.

3.MCTs Increase Energy To Exercise

MCT Oil Weight Loss - Fact Or Fiction?

MCT Oil Weight Loss – MCT Oil Increases Energy Contributing to Weight Loss

Here’s an indirect, but still helpful way that MCT Oil helps you lose weight. It will give your body and brain the energy it needs to work out, even if you’re cutting calories or find exercising when eating low carb tough at times.

One of the best ways to take MCT Oil for this purpose is to use it in your pre-workout shake. Start small,1 teaspoon is a good recommendation. Increase slowly until you’re able to take 1 tablespoon without getting an upset stomach.

Since they take a little while to kick in, it’s best to take your MCTs about 30 minutes before your workout. I like to take them with a scoop of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) in 16 ounces of water.

This pre-workout supplement stack ensures I have plenty of energy to train hard for an hour or more. It works well for all types of workouts from Crossfit WODs to trail runs, 1000 kettlebell swing workouts, and all day surf sessions.

4. It Will Help You Burn More Calories

MCT Oil Weight Loss - MCT Oil Will Help Burn More Calories

MCT Oil Weight Loss – MCT Oil Will Help Burn More Calories

Simply taking a tablespoon of MCT Oil in your coffee, shake, salad dressing, or right off the spoon every day will help you burn off at least 200 extra calories a day. Some of us, particularly men, may actually burn up to 600 extra calories per day.

While it’s not enough to make the extra weight disappear overnight, it adds up over time and helps you lose extra pounds without any additional sacrifice or effort.

5.MCTs Are Not Stored Away Like Other Dietary Fats

MCT Oil Weight Loss - How Fats Can Help You Lose Weight

The fats in MCT Oil are used for energy, and less likely stored.

Since they are almost immediately absorbed and put to use as a source of energy, there is little chance that any of the extra calories you get from MCTs will be stored as extra body fat.

I’ve actually experimented with large doses of MCT oil to see if taking in a pretty large amount of extra calories would lead to weight gain. For this experiment I ate an extra 1000 calories (7 tablespoons) a day from MCT oil for 3 weeks.

The results were amazing. Even though I was taking in an extra 7,000 calories a week and not doing anything else different (workouts, what I ate, supplements, etc.) I lost 3 pounds of fat.

While you aren’t likely to take in this many extra calories from MCT oil, my experiment, along with other scientific research, suggests that if you do, it’s still possible to lose weight.

6.You’ll Get Into Ketosis Faster

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Perhaps the best way MCT Oil can help you lose weight is by getting you into nutritional ketosis faster. To learn more about how they help, read this article.

The sooner you’re ketogenic, the faster your body is burning off your extra fat for its fuel. Taking MCT oil when you first start eating low carb gives you a jumpstart to producing ketones.

By producing ketones in addition to what your body naturally produces, the body is now able to bypass cravings or feelings related to the ‘low carb flu’ (fatigue, nausea, muscle weakness, etc.). It’s much easier to stick to the diet, resulting in weight loss faster, and in places where you might store fat.

Research shows that we can burn an additional X calories a day when we’re in nutritional ketosis.

How Do I Take MCT Oil For Weight Loss?

Since it is tasteless, odorless, and actually improves the flavor of the foods it’s added to, you can take your daily dose of MCTs any way you like. It blends well in coffee, shakes, and smoothies and tastes great drizzled over chocolate, sushi, and vegetables.

I typically take mine right off of a spoon but do like it in my shakes and in my tea. Use your imagination and see what you like best.

How Much MCT Oil Should I Take?

Regarding dosages, research finds that taking 1 tablespoon (approx. 15 grams) every day is enough to help you lose fat. Taking it daily for a couple of months should help you lose at least a couple extra pounds of fat, without doing any additional work.

There are times you may want to take an extra tablespoon or two a day. This includes those fasting days, as a pre-workout supplement, or need a little extra helping keeping hunger pangs and cravings in check.

Make sure you start slowly when taking MCT oil. The only negative side effect is possibly feeling a little nauseous and cramped if you begin with a dose too large. My stomach is pretty unaffected by much, but I started with a couple teaspoons and had a problem. Starting with one teaspoon a day, and increasing slowly until you get to a tablespoon or more, will help you avoid the uncomfortable side effects.

8. What’s The Best MCT Oil Supplement?

MCT Edge Oil

We Recommend MCT Edge Oil For Weight Loss

Not all MCT oil supplements are created equal. Some contain types of MCTs that aren’t effective. Others also contain potentially harmful chemicals or worthless ‘filler’ ingredients.

When choosing your MCT oil, make sure it meets the criteria below.

  • Only contain Capric and caprylic MCTs. These are the best for weight loss and ketosis.
  • Made from ingredients that are sustainably sourced and produced.
  • Contain a month’s supply or more at a fair price.
  • Made using a chemical free process to ensure you get nothing but pure MCTs in every spoonful.

Our family has been using and testing different MCT products for a couple years. It was my wife’s idea to manufacture our own MCT product, particularly since we’ve done so much research on it. We named it ‘MCT Edge’ because it gives you a big health advantage! We’re both very excited to share the product that’s been so beneficial to our lives!

It meets all of the criteria above and then some. Every bottle contains a little more than 2 months supply of pure, pharmaceutical grade MCT oil. The container is a brown glass bottle that’s better for the environment and your health than plastic bottles used by many other companies. It’s also from a sustainable farmland so that we don’t negatively effect our environment.

Give MCT Edge a try and let us know what you think.

MCT Oil weight loss is just one of many benefits this product offers. It’s helped me with losing over 50 pounds of excess fat. Along with working out, and eating low carb, MCT Oil gave me that extra boost of help to keep me on my diet without feeling like it was a sacrifice! Let us know if it works for you too!

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