Muscle Building Supplements – The Top 5

There are thousands upon thousands of muscle building supplements available today. Having so many options makes it tough to determine which to buy, especially since all of them claim to be the best. If, like most people you are confused as to which muscle building supplements to buy, this article is for you. We cut through the clutter and give you 5 products that are proven to work. Think of these supplements as your foundation for muscle building.

Muscle Building Supplement #1 – Creatine Monohydrate
This is perhaps the most studied muscle building supplement available today. When used properly, first-time users often gain between 5-15 lbs. most of it muscle after a month of supplementation. Proper use includes following a loading phase which entails taking 10-20 grams daily for 7 days to fill your muscles. Studies show that in addition to being a muscle building supplement, creatine monohydrate helps increase your strength, power, and ability to recover between sets.

When buying a creatine supplement stick with creatine monohydrate as its shown to be superior to liquid and creatine ethyl ester supplements. We like micronized creatine like Optimum Nutrition’s Micronized Creatine Powder, 2000 Grams since it dissolves completely in water making it easier to drink. It’s also tested to be free of impurities and to only contain creatine monohdrate, which is nice too.

You can learn more about Micronized Creatine by reading this article.

Muscle Building Supplement #2 – Fish Oil Supplements
Fish oil supplements, in addition to their many benefits, are a muscle building supplement too. One study finds that people taking 2 grams a day lost fat and built muscle. Another, indirect way it may help you build muscle is it’s ability to decrease inflammation throughout your body. This benefit can, in turn, decrease soreness after a workout and help you recover faster so you can train harder and more often and therefore build muscle faster. Experts like Dr. Barry Sears recommend taking at least 2 grams of EPA and DHA from fish oil daily.

When you’re buying a fish oil supplement you want to make sure you choose one that contains as much EPA and DHA per capsule as possible. These are the fatty acids that give it its benefits. You also need to make sure you buy a product tested to be free of impurities and other potentially harmful ingredients.

A fish oil supplement that meets these requirements is Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega. It’s loaded with EPA and DHA and is available in capsule and liquid form.

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Muscle Building Supplement #3 – Pre and Post-Workout Supplements
Taking a pre and post-workout supplement can help you train harder, longer, keep your body in a muscle building state, and help you recover faster. Don’t worry so much about slugging down hundreds of calories that can leave you feeling bloated and tired. All you really need is a drink that gives your muscles the nutrients they need to perform and then recover to make building muscle easier. These muscle building nutrients include: beta alanine, branch chain amino acids, citrulline malate, creatine monohydrate, essential amino acids, and glutamine. You should also look for a product that contains caffeine and l-tyrosine if you want a pre-workout supplement that can help give you energy too.

One product we like is SciVation Xtend. It contains branch chain amino acids, l-glutamine, and citruline malate. Branch chain aminos are useful for delaying fatigue during your workouts and play an important role in helping you build muscle post-workout. Glutamine is an amino acid that is shown to help you train harder and help your muscles recover post-workout. Citruline Malate is shown to boost workout endurance and also helps increase blood flow to your muscles for better pumps during and after your workout.

If you want to learn more about Scivation Xtend, read our in-depth review.

Muscle Building Supplement #4 – A Sports Multi Vitamin
Taking a multi-vitamin can help you get the nutrients your body needs to properly function. Using a good sports multi-vitamin every day provides this benefit and gives your body the nutrients it needs to workout harder, longer so you can build more muscle too.

One muscle building sports vitamin is Gaspari Nutrition Anavite. Each serving contains the vitamins and minerals your body needs plus Beta Alanine and Carnipure. Beta Alanine can help you work out harder, longer when taken regularly. Carnipure is a purfied version of l-carnitine which is shown to decrease post-workout soreness and delay fatigue when training.

Read our review of Anavite to learn more about this powerful sports multi-vitamin.

Muscle Building Supplement #5 – Whey-Casein Protein Powder
While whey protein is great, if you want to really boost its muscle building power using a protein powder that combines it with casein is better. Studies show that when compared to whey protein, drinking 50 grams of whey and casein protein daily will help you build more muscle and get stronger too. This, of course is when used in conjunction with a good diet and strength training program.

The reason a whey-casien protein’s effectiveness is that casein is digested really slow. Combining it with whey protein which is rich in BCAAs creates a time-released protein powder. This in turn keeps amino acid levels elevated and your body in a state that’s good for building muscle.

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A whey-casein supplement we like is Nitro Peak. It contains 48 grams of high quality whey and casein protein per 2 scoop serving plus other nutrients to make it more effective. Check out our NitroPeak review to learn more.

Now you know which muscle building supplements really work. Remember that you need to workout regularly and intensely and eat right too to get the best results. Read my articles How To Gain Weight Fast and Muscle Building Workout for lots of great information on these topics.

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