Read This Before Buying An HMB Nutritional Supplement


If you use or are thinking about using the nutritional supplement HMB you may think twice after reading this post. We just read the results from a study that finds HMB is pretty much worthless for helping healthy men build muscle, lose fat, or get stronger.Check out our summary below for more information.

This study, published in the Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research analyzed results from previously published HMB studies. The researchers specifically reviewed the studies to learn what effect, if any HMB has on muscle strength, body fat, and muscle mass in both trained and untrained men.

What the researchers found after reviewing the data is that HMB doesn’t help healthy men who already workout build muscle, lose fat, or get stronger. The only significant benefit subjects taking HMB showed was increased lower body strength. This benefit seems to be limited to guys who are just starting to workout.

Instead of spending your money on HMB we recommend any of the supplements listed below. The ingredients in each of these products are all proven through scientific research to be effective muscle builders.

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