Our Review Of The Stick

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thestickThe Stick is a tool that enables you to give your muscles a massage whenever you like. It’s a simple tool, basically a stick shaped wand that has a flexible core surrounded by rolling spindles. The Stick’s ability to bend, flex, and roll is what gives it the ability to give any muscle on your body a massage. It also has ‘memory’ which helps it bounce back to its original shape after each use. Comfortable handles help you work your muscles as hard as necessary without fatiguing or hurting your hands.

You can use The Stick by yourself on pretty much any muscle on your body. Having someone else roll your muscles with it can help really get to tough to reach muscles like your upper arms and traps and work out extra tight muscles more thoroughly.

Using it before your workout can help warm-up your muscles by increasing blood flow and flexibility. Rolling your muscles with The Stick before a long run, ride or heavy leg workout is an especially good idea. Once your workout is done you should use it to help enhance recovery and decrease post-workout soreness. If you have especially tight muscles or trigger points you should use it as often as possible to help resolved these problems on your own. Be careful to not use it too often as this may cause your muscles to be sore.

You can buy The Stick online at Power-Systems.com.

Below is a video of The Stick being used on the muscles of the lower body. Note how it makes possible to really get into your muscles for a thorough massage.