Our Review Of The KOR Kettleball

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The KOR Kettleball is designed to be used just like a steel kettlebell. This means you can use it to do presses, swings, and hundreds of other exercises. While they’re used in the same way as a kettleball, they do differe in a few ways. These differences, I feel, can make them a better choice in some instances. Keep reading to learn if they make the KOR Kettleball a right for you.

Unlike regular kettlebells which are solid steel or iron, the KOR Kettball is made of a hard, somewhat pliable material. Think of it as a hard rubber kettlebell. This material makes them good to use indoors, as it’s less likely to damage the floor the when dropped or scuff any surfaces.

The second difference between the KOR kettleball and kettlebell is that it has a rubber grip wrapped around its handle. This grip is great if you want more comfort and support than the smooth, metal grip a regular kettlebell.

Last but not least, unlike kettlebells, KOR Kettleball’s size and shape is the same regardless of their weight. This includes the size of it’s handle. The great thing about this is that you won’t have to constantly change your grip and exercise technique as you get stronger and use heavier kettleballs.

You can buy KOR Kettleballs in weights from 5-30 lbs. The best deal we can find for them online is a Power-Systems.com. In addition to Power Systems price, you will get a 15% discount when you buy 3 or more.

Click here to buy KOR Kettleball’s at Power-Systems.com.