Chad Waterbury Discusses Body Of FIRE

We recently sat down to speak with renowned strength coach and author Chad Waterbury. We talked to him about his new fat loss workout and diet program, Body Of FIRE. Below is a transcript of the interview. If you want to lose fat and look your best its a must read as Chad reveals how Body Of FIRE is can help you achieve these goals.

Stayfitcentral (SFC): Hello Chad. Thanks for agreeing to this interview. To get the interview started can you give our readers some information regarding your educational and professional experience?

Chad Waterbury (CW): I started training people 15 years ago. I have a Master’s degree in Physiology from the University of Arizona along with bachelor’s degrees in Exercise Science and Human Biology. About 10 years ago my training and nutrition methods gained national recognition. So I started writing for all the top fitness magazines and I began giving seminars where I teach other personal trainers how to train their clients for faster results.

I have hundreds of published articles, I’ve written two books, Muscle Revolution and Huge in a Hurry, and I made a DVD, the Total Body Solution. My work with celebrities has been mentioned in People, AOL Fitness and US Weekly. And my work with pro athletes has been shown on Showtime.

SFC: How did you come to develop the Body of FIRE plan? Also, what does FIRE stand for?

CW: For a decade and a half I’ve experimented with every type of training system imaginable. A few worked, but most fell way short. However, right from the start, one thing became clear: full body workouts produce the best results when you need to get in shape fast. The reason has to do with something called metabolic cost. Basically, it’s a measure exercise scientists use to determine how many calories are burned through exercise, along with a few other metabolic factors. The bottom line however is this: your workouts must generate a large metabolic cost in order to transform your body quickly. The fastest way to generate a large metabolic cost is by working as many different muscle groups, at the same time, as possible. That’s why full body workouts are best.

So I spent years tweaking my full body workouts. Two other key pieces of research helped me find the right balance. First, research shows that exercise quickly will make your body burn more calories during and after training. Second, you must keep the rest periods very short.

When you combine all these elements together, you get a system that’s based on Full body, Intense, Resistance Exercise – hence the acronym F.I.R.E.

SFC: Can people perform the workouts if they don’t belong to a gym?

CW: Absolutely. One of my main goals was to design a system of workouts that can be performed anywhere, anytime. This was actually easy for me. Why? Because I’ve never used a lot of equipment to train my clients, no matter if it’s a celebrity or a pro athlete. Most of the machines you see in health clubs kill your results. Those machines don’t let the body work the way it’s designed to work. Once you free yourself of the shiny exercise machines your body will reward you with a leaner, fitter body. The trick, however, is to know which free-moving exercises are best for burning fat. Then, you must know which exercise combination’s work best together, in what order, and on what days of the weekly cycle. That’s where experience becomes important.

SFC: Is the plan for people who already workout or can beginners use it too?

CW: I took great lengths to make Body of F.I.R.E. ideal for beginners as well as more advanced people. In other words, not everyone will do the workouts the exact same way. That’s why I outline detailed instructions of how to modify each exercise to make it less challenging, or more challenging, depending on a person’s fitness level. From there, I modify the rest periods and a few other factors. But it’s all very straightforward and simple. If you can’t do “x” do “y” instead. I make it as simple as that.

SFC: What kind of results can people expect to see after 12 weeks? Whats the most fat/weight someone has lost?

CW: How much fat you’ll lose depends on how much you fat you currently carry. In other words, an out-of-shape person will lose more fat than someone who’s close to his or her ideal weight. My client Jon lost over 40 pounds on the program. So did Alex. Danielle lost five pounds the first week. The results have been incredible. And I can assure anyone who buys the program that if they follow the program exactly as it’s designed, they’ll get the best results of their life. Sticking to a program isn’t easy for many people, so that’s why I had to make the whole system simple, easy to follow, and adjustable for anyone.

Alex Before Body Of FIRE

Alex Shapiro Before Body Of FIRE

Alex After Losing 40 Plus Pounds With Body Of FIRE

Alex After Losing 40 lbs. Using Body Of FIRE

SFC: You popularized or helped make total body workouts popular again with your articles on Testosterone. Why are they so good at helping people lose body fat?

CW: The main reason has to do with the measure of metabolic cost, as I mentioned earlier. You see, when you do an isolation exercise like an arm curl or a side raise, very few muscles are working together. This results in a minuscule change in metabolic cost. Think of metabolic cost as your heart rate. Challenging, fun exercises increase your heart rate right away so they have a higher metabolic cost. That’s why you don’t have do them for long to see fast results.

Here’s a simple experiment for readers to try at home. When you’re not exercising, sit down and measure your heart rate for 30 seconds. Double that number and you’ll know your resting heart rate. Now, perform 10 arm curls. When you’re finished, measure your heart rate again for 30 seconds to see how much it’s changed. Next, do 10 squat thrusts (Description: Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, squat down and place your hands on the ground, jump your feet back to a push-up position, jump your feet forward, then stand up. That’s one rep). Do 10 squat thrusts and measure your heart rate immediately after you’re finished for 30 seconds.

You’ll notice a huge difference between the arm curl and squat thrust. A squat thrust really boosts your cardiovascular system, whereas an arm curl does next to nothing. That’s why you must know which exercises to do, in which order, to burn fat fast.

There are three reasons why people aren’t getting results with their workouts. First, they’re doing the wrong exercises. Second, even if they’re performing good exercises they’re probably not doing them in a way that best increases the metabolic cost. Third, they don’t change their workouts often enough. My clients never do the same workout twice. This doesn’t mean they start a new program every week; instead, I’m talking about a few modifications here and there to ensure your body is constantly burning fat.

SFC: Does you diet plan require people to completely eliminate their favorite foods forever? If so, how does it help people get rid of their cravings?

CW: Most people are thrilled with all the food choices I give them on this plan. Instead of telling people exactly what they must eat for breakfast, I give them many choices. It’s as simple as choosing a food from each category and making a meal out of it. When you consider all the choices, and possible combination’s, you have hundreds of different meals that will all make your body burn fat. I’m not a fan of the boiled chicken and rice nonsense. There are much better, more satisfying, ways to feed your metabolism the nutrients it needs. Also, I want to mention that there’s no calorie counting. Each food portion is specific to your body weight, and there are three different plans, depending on how much you weigh, so all the work has been done for you.

Since people have such a wide variety of choices on the Body of F.I.R.E. eating plan, cravings aren’t a problem. But if you get hungry between meals, I mention an effective, inexpensive supplement that will curb your cravings and keep your metabolism running strong. You can find this supplement anywhere. It’s not a stimulant, just natural amino acids.

Danielle Lost 5 Pounds Her First Week Using Body Of FIRE

Danielle Lost 5 lbs. In Her First Week Using Body Of FIRE

SFC: Do people have to buy protein shakes or other supplements to follow the Body Of FIRE diet plan? If not, are there any that can make the program more effective?

CW: No supplements are required. The nutrition plan consists of natural, whole foods that contain the most nutrients and fewest calories. However, not all supplements are bad. Fish oil, for one, is great if you know how much to take, and if you know which brands are best. I’m not a fan of protein powders, but I know it makes life easier for some people. So if you must use them, I tell you how.

My eating plan can be continued for life because it feeds your body the nutrients it needs. Your good hormones remain elevated while your bad hormones plummet over time. That’s the key to losing fat, and keeping it off for good.

Thanks for the taking the time speak with us Chad. I’ve learned a lot about Body Of FIRE and fat loss and know that everyone who reads this will too.

You can learn more about and purchase Body Of FIRE at this link.

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