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Betancourt Beta Alanine Powder

Betancourt Nutrition Beta Alanine Powder – 300 Grams

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Product Description

Stayfitcentral’s Review – by Curt
Whether your goal is to lose fat and have a lean, muscular body, get into great shape for your sport, or beat the WOD record at your Crossfit box you need to be able to train hard and do as much work as possible.

One supplement that can help you train harder, longer to build muscle, lose fat, and perform your best is Betancourt Beta Alanine powder.

How It Works
The way Betancourt beta alanine delays the time it takes for your muscles to become tired when you’re working out intensely. Think being able to do more sets with heavier weights in the gym and extra sprints for faster progress.

Contains Tested And Clinically Proven Type Of Beta Alanine
Unlike other, lower quality supplements, Betancourt only uses Carnosyn, the a patented type of beta alanine. This is important since Carnosyn is shown to be effective in several peer-reviewed studies.

You can also trust its purity since it’s tested to ensure that it doesn’t contain anything but beta alanine powder.

Another benefit to taking a supplement that uses the Carnosyn brand is that its patented formula is slowly released in your bloodstream. This enables more to get into your muscles and allows for less of the harmless tingly feeling that many people report feeling.

No other type of beta alanine powder can make these claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Beta Alanine Powder Work?
The way it works is that, once your muscles are fully loaded with carnosine, the byproduct of beta alanine supplementation they will be able to work harder than before. The reason for this is that carnosine acts as buffer within your muscles. This means that you can work harder before they become fatigued.

Who Should Take This Supplement?
If you are a guy or girl who wants to train harder, longer and get the most from every workout beta alanine may benefit you. Both personal experience and feedback I’ve received from others finds that the harder your workout, the more benefit it provides.

In addition to helping you get more sets and reps out of your workouts in the gym, beta alanine supplementation can help you if your sports requires you to sprint, hit, kick, jump, swing, or throw repeatedly in intense bursts. Basically speaking whether your sport of choice is Crossfit, football, basketball, MMA, or tennis, it can probably help you.

How Long Until I See Results?
I personally noticed that I was able to do more at every workout after about 2 weeks of taking beta alanine every day. This is in line with the 2-4 weeks sports scientists claim is required it to saturate your muscles and produce benefits.

How Should I Take Beta Alanine Powder?
Leading researchers including Drs. Jeff Stout and Richard Harris say you should take 6 grams a day in divided doses for the first 2-4 weeks you use this supplement. This will enable you to fully ‘load’ your muscles and receive the greatest benefits.

After 2-4 weeks, you can cut back to taking 2-3 grams a day in 1-2 divided doses to keep getting benefits.

How Long Will A Can Last?
Used as directed this 300 gram bottle of Betancourt Beta Alanine Powder will last 2-3 months.

What Other Supplements Does It Work Well With?
Studies show taking beta alanine with creatine monohydrate can enhance its benefits. Results from this study shows that taking them together may help you workout harder and build more muscle than when you take creatine monohydrate alone.

Where Can I Learn More About Beta Alanine Supplements?
Read our article ‘How Beta Alanine Will Help You Train Harder, Build Muscle, And Lose Fat’. It’s a referenced, in-depth article that teaches you everything you need to know.

Supplement Facts

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