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Labrada Sorenzyme – 30 Servings Per Bottle

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Labrada Sorenzyme is an all natural enzyme formula designed to help reduce post-workout soreness and accelerate your recovery between workouts. It’s the result of a joint effort of Labrada’s Research & Development team and Dr. Mark J. Tallon, a Nutritional Biochemist who is also one of the industry’s leading minds in nutrient metabolism.

Sorenzyme’s ingredients are several enzymes found in many of the foods we eat. They work to decrease inflammation in your body and keep your immune system strong. The result you get from this combination is a nutritional supplement that helps decrease post-workout soreness and keep you healthy so you never miss a workout and feel great.

How Taking Sorenzyme Will Benefit You

  • Lessens post-workout soreness to help you feel strong and health instead
  • No more skipping workouts because you’re still sore from the last one
  • Recover faster between workouts so you can work out more often
  • Strengthens your immune system so you feel and stay healthy
  • It’s Safe – all natural enzyme formula, no drugs, stimulants, or banned substances added
How Long Does It Last?
Each bottle of Sorenzyme contains 120 capsules. One bottle will last a month when taken as directed.

How Do I Take Sorenzyme?
Labrada Nutrition recommends that you take 4 capsules once daily before a meal. They recommend taking 4 capsules twice a day if you workout very hard.

Supplement Facts

Sorenzyme Supplement Facts