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MusclePharm Muscle Gel Shots

MusclePharm Muscle Gel Shots – 12 Gel Packs

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Price Per Serving: $2.16
Servings Per Container: 12
Key Benefits: Increased Energy
Main Ingredient: Whey Protein Isolate

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Product Description

No longer do you have to take the time and mess with making protein shakes or eat those chalky tasting protein bars. You now have a new option for getting the purest form of protein in your diet. MuscleGel® is specifically designed to supply 22 grams of the highest quality protein available in an incredible-tasting, rapidly absorbing format using ProFusion™ gel solution.

Use MuscleGel® in place of any protein food choice in your healthy nutritional program. MuscleGel® is perfect for everybody. Men or women, athletes or sedentary individuals, we all need protein. MuscleGel® is one of the purest, fastest-absorbing, incredibly-tasting protein food supplement available.*
Throw a few gel-packs in your gym bag, lunch bag or purse for an easy, high-protein, low-calorie, suger-free meal supplement.

Superior ingredients. Superior results.
Musclegel is a revolutionary high-performance nutrient delivery system manufactured using a patent-pending process call Profusion Technology.

Profusion Technology is a molecular process whereby specific nutritional elements, such as high-quality protein or powerful energy-yielding nutritional substrates, are suspended in a super-absorbent, highly bio-available gel medium.*

MuscleGel® was created specifically to optimize nutrient delivery in a convenient, portable and great-tasting package. MusclePharm’s MuscleGel® utilizes this powerful, new technology to bring to market the newest innovations in Sports Nutrition today.

Through ProFusion™ Gel-Technology, our daily nutrients can be taken anywhere, quickly and easily. Think about it: no glasses, no super-sized pills, no waterlogged juices, no coolers to carry around—just pure, concentrated nutrients in an easy to take, readily absorbed, taste bud-busting gel.

Entirely original, MusclePharm’s MuscleGel® represents an untapped arena of health and wellness. MusclePharm stands at the head of a supplement revolution, incredible convenience, incredible flavor, incredible results.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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