Stayfitcentral’s Review Of Cytosport Monster Amino

Cytosport Monster Amino
Cytosport Monster Amino is one of my favorite branch chain amino acid pre and post-workout supplements. Especially this new formula, which has 0 grams of sugar and only 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving. What it does have plenty of are muscle-building branch chain amino acids and other nutrients to help you get more from every workout so you can build muscle and lose fat faster and perform your best in and out of the gym.

Here are Monster Amino’s key ingredients and how they’ll benefit you.

  • Branch Chain Amino Acids (8 grams) – turn on your body’s muscle building machine and give you energy to get through your workout. Studies show that getting more of these aminos will help you lose fat faster too.
  • B Vitamins – To ensure the muscle building process can function properly.
  • Citruline Malate – increases levels of a compound called nitric oxide to help you get bigger pumps that last longer post-workout.
  • Electrolytes – Potassium and sodium to replace what your body loses during exercise so your performance doesn’t suffer.
  • Essential and Non Essential Amino Acids

When To Drink Monster Amino
you’ll get the best results drinking it before and after your workouts. These are the times when your body is best able to absorb and utilize it’s amino acids for energy, recovery, and growth. You can also drink it during the day to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs to stay in an anabolic (muscle building) state. I like drinking an extra serving during the day when I’m dieting to lose weight as I find it reduces my cravings and seems to speed fat loss.

Who Should Drink Monster Amino?
This is a great pre and post-workout drink for guys and girls workout intensely (Crossfit, kettlebells, weights, sprints, etc.). Since it’s sugar free makes and only has 10 calories per serving it’s okay to use when you’re dieting to lose weight and fat too. This also makes it safe to use before and after workouts if you follow a low carbohydrate diet.

Since it doesn’t have any added carbohydrates or sugars it’s not the best supplement to use before and after a long, hard run or similar endurance activity.

Cost Per Serving
Drinking Monster Amino is great for every budget with a cost only $.98 per serving when you buy it from our online store.

Available Flavors
Monster Amino is available in Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Sour Apple, and Sour Grape flavors.

You can buy Cytosport Monster Amino at our store.