Supplements That Decrease Your Appetite

Four Supplements To Decrease Your Appetite & Make Weight Loss Easy

Four Supplements To Decrease Your Appetite & Make Weight Loss Easy

Research shows some supplements can help curb cravings and appetite

Appetite Control Supplements – Why I chose These Four

One of the worst aspects about eating for weight loss are the hunger pains and seemingly uncontrollable appetite it often causes. This is especially true during the first couple of weeks that you’re on a diet. Willpower only lasts so long and when it gives out so does your ability to not give in to your appetite.

I know about this from experience. The increase in appetite I’ve felt in the past definitely has knocked me off my diet, forcing me to start over after caving in and overeating until it went away and was stuffed! After a lot of research, and trial and error, I have found several nutritional supplements that significantly decrease my appetite.

In this article I review the 4 supplements that work the best! All of them are backed by science and proven to work in the real world. They can be used together or alone, whichever is best for your specific needs.

One thing you will notice after reading this article is that caffeine, an effective appetite suppressant, is not on the list. There are two reasons for this. The first is that a lot of people don’t like the way it makes them feel. The second, is that so many of us drink coffee or other drinks with caffeine in them, and I don’t want to add even more caffeine from a supplement. You then might feel overstimulated and jittery all day long. The reward in this case is not worth the risk.

The 4 Best Supplements For Reducing Your Appetite

1. Appetite Control Supplement: Branched Chain Amino Acids

Four Supplements To Decrease Your Appetite & Make Weight Loss Easy

Research show BCAAs can help control appetite and curb cravings

Do you often find yourself feeling super hungry after you work out? I know I do. Studies show this is normal and that exercising causes us to feel hungry due to the hormonal changes that occur during a workout. This can be dangerous since giving in and eating too much post-workout can can quickly add back the calories you burn during exercise.

One way to way to control your appetite post-workout is to take a BCAA supplement as soon as you’re done. I also find that taking a BCAA supplement when I feel hungry between meals is another way to suppress my appetite and keep my diet on track. Studies show that these amino acids can decrease the hunger you experience. They do this by helping to control the chemicals in our brain that cause us to feel hungry. Over time this can lead to thousands of additional calories burned because you didn’t feel the need to eat.

Taking a BCAA supplement post-workout has many other benefits too. Studies show taking them at this time can help your muscles feel less sore, build muscle, and even help you burn off excess belly fat.

According to the latest research you need to take between 5-10 grams if BCAAs per serving. The heavier you are, the more you will need. Take them as soon as possible after your workout for the best results.

My favorite BCAA supplement is Gaspari BCAA 6000 tablets. Each dose has 6 grams of BCAAs making it a convenient way to get my daily dose. If you don’t like to swallow pills, I recommend Met Rx BCAA 5000. It’s a powder that has 6 grams of BCAAs per serving, mixes easily in water, and tastes great.

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2. Appetite Control Supplement: Fish Oil

Four Supplements To Decrease Your Appetite & Make Weight Loss Easy

Fish Oil can help reduce appetite and cravings

Eating less or cutting carbohydrates from your diet often leads to the chemicals in your brain called neurotransmitters to stray from their healthy balance. This can lead to you feeling really hungry. One way to get them back in check is to take a fish oil supplement. Studies show that the omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil help to balance neurotransmitter and as a result keep you from feeling hungry between meals.

While you can get your omega 3’s from eating a lot of fatty fish like salmon and sardines, the easiest way to do so is to take a fish oil supplement every day. This makes it as simple as swallowing a couple of pills and doesn’t require taking the time to cook, eat, and wash dishes.
Controlled Labs Orange OXIMEGA Fish Oil

When choosing a fish oil supplement make sure you buy one that contains as close to 1 gram (1000 mg) of EPA and DHA per serving. This makes getting the 2-3 grams a day both scientific research and experts, like Dr. Barry Sears, recommend dosage, easy to take.

You can check for this by checking the amounts of each on the products Supplement Facts panel. These are the fatty acids that give fish oil its benefits. Make sure that the fish oil you buy is tested to be free of contaminants and impurities to protect your health.

One fish oil supplement that meets these requirements is Controlled Labs Oximega. Every serving (2 capsules) has 1200 mg of EPA and DHA. I love this since I only have to take 4-6 capsules to get my daily dose. It’s also safe to use. Every batch of Oximega is tested to be free of any potentially harmful impurities. I also like that its orange flavor which prevents it from having a fishy aftertaste.

Like all of the supplements on this list, fish oil has many additional benefits. Studies show that taking it can help you burn more calories during the day, build muscle, and is also good for your heart and brain.

You can buy Controlled Labs Oximega fish oil in our store.


3. Appetite Control Supplement: MCT Oil

Four Supplements To Decrease Your Appetite & Make Weight Loss Easy

MCT Oil is proven to curb appetite and cravings

MCT Oil is a supplement made from coconut fat that’s great for appetite control and weight loss. Research shows that taking a tablespoon a day helps you feel less hungry, diminishes cravings, and lose weight.

The reason MCT oil helps us eat less and lose weight is due to the way our body metabolizes and uses them.

Here’s a primer on how they work. After taking a spoonful of MCTs, they are diverted from your digestive system and sent to to your liver instead. Then they are used to make compounds called ketones.

It’s the MCTs that bring on their appetite controlling advantages. They also slightly increase the calories your body burns at rest and help eliminate excess water from your body which also helps you lose weight. This is only one of several of MCT Oil benefits.

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MCT Oil is safe for healthy guys and girls to take. Since it’s digested so fast, you need to make sure to start off with a small dose and increase slowly. Otherwise you may experience an upset stomach. Experts recommend taking ½-1 teaspoon at first. If you don’t have any negative side effects, increase from there in ½ teaspoon increments.

Taking it with food, whether drizzled over or mixed into food, like I do with guacamole, is a great way to take your MCTs. Since they’re flavorless and odorless, you can also take it right off a spoon, blend into coffee, or mix into a protein shake.

Research finds that the required dose for weight loss is 1 tablespoon a day. Like I write above, work up to this dosage slowly.

The product my wife and I take is MCT Edge. We used other products and then decided to formulate our own to ensure we were taking the best available.

Every 1 tablespoon serving has the same amount of MCTs used in the research I reference above. It’s proven to work. MCT Edge is also pharmaceutical grade and sustainably sourced. This means you’re getting a product that’s good for you and planet friendly.

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4. Appetite Control Supplement: Casein Protein Powders

Four Supplements To Decrease Your Appetite & Make Weight Loss Easy

Casein can can keep you full longer so you can avoid cravings

Why We Need Protein For Weight Loss

You probably know that protein rich foods help you stay full longer than carbs. Think about it, whenever you eat chicken, fish, or eggs don’t you feel full longer than when you eat cereal or pasta? I know I certainly do.

A downside to eating something that’s high in protein to control your appetite is that it’s not always practical to stop what you’re doing to cook a piece of chicken or scramble a couple of eggs. Especially when you’re at work or on the go.

A better way to get some when you are on the go is to drink a protein shake. Casein protein shakes are the best for this purpose. There are a couple of reasons for this. The first is that casein protein digests very slowly, usually taking about 5-7 hours per shake. Whey protein shakes on the other hand digest within 45-60 minutes. This is why you may feel hungry shortly after drinking one.

Another reason I prefer casein shakes to control my appetite is that they contain nutrients called bioactive proteins which release hormones that tell your brain that you’re full.

The Best Protein Powder Supplement For Weight Loss

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Eating plenty of protein is essential to losing excess body fat and keeping it off. Studies show that eating a protein-rich diet helps you burn more calories, stay full, and keep you energized when you’re cutting calories and carbs to lose weight.

Quest Protein Powder is the best for weight loss. When you’re goal is to get lean, strong, and healthy, no other product is better. The two things that makes it the best are the type of proteins it contains and the simple fact that the taste is awesome! It’s usually one or the other but not both. Thank you, Quest for getting both right!

Lets first discuss the ingredients. Every serving has 23 grams of whey and casein. Sure other products have them too but Quest uses the highest quality of each: micellar casein and whey isolate. This means you get more protein per scoop and more of the amino acids and nutrients your body needs to perform it’s best.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s in every scoop.
  • 23 grams of whey and casein proteins.
  • Only 2 grams of net carbohydrates.
  • 8 delicious flavors – lots of variety.
  • No added fillers or worthless ingredients.
  • Gluten and soy free.

I make my shakes with water. You can also use coconut milk for an even creamier, richer shake. Just be careful with the extra calories.

I also like to add 1 tablespoon of MCT oil (link) to my shakes. These healthy fats help keep me burning off body fat for fuel and keep my brain energized. They help keep me feeling focused, especially helps when I’m eating to get lean.

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Now you know of 4 supplements that will control your appetite and make cutting calories and carbohydrates for weight loss much easier. All that’s left for you to do is give them a try!

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