Lift Weights To Lose Weight

lift weights lose weight

Recently published research shows once again that lifting weights can trigger your body to burn off the extra fat around your stomach, thighs, and other parts of your body. Check out our review of one such study below. After reading it you’ll see why we think that lifting weights should be, after following the right diet, the most important part of your weight loss plan.

In this study, male subjects lifted weights and then underwent various tests to determine whether their workout helped them burn stored body fat, both throughout their entire body and in their abdominal region, an area where you probably store excess fat. These subjects were compared to a control group that did not do any type of exercise.

The results from this study show that lifting weights triggers fat loss, even after you are done working out. This makes it superior to aerobic training (walking, jogging, etc.) whose fat burning benefits stop as soon as your workout is done. This ability to burn stored body fat is one of the many ways lifting weights helps you not only lose fat but also look better and improve your health.

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Source: Ormsbee MJ, Thyfault JP, Johnson EA, Kraus RM, Choi MD, Hickner RC. Fat Metabolism and Acute Resistance Exercise in Trained Men. J Appl Physiol. 2007 Jan 18.