Workout Log 08.26.11 – Faster Fat Loss

Yesterday’s workout was really brutal. I’ve been training this way for the past week and really love the results. My wife comments that I look leaner the day after each of these workouts. I’m not sure about that but I definitely feel fitter and stronger already. Keep reading to learn about this workout/torture session.

The way I am training combines kettlebell exercises or calisthenics and sprints all in every set.. Basically speaking, after each set of a given exercise you sprint or perform a similar exercise. This makes it possible to perform more reps during each set and really cranks up the overall intensity of the workout. The net result is that you get stronger and build muscle faster than a traditional workout. Like my early results indicate, fat loss happens faster with this type of training too.

Each exercise is done for 3 sets before moving onto the next group of exercises. The only rest periods I have are the walk back after sprinting to the starting position and a 2-3 minute rest between groups of exercises.

Group One

  • 1 Arm Kettlebell Snatch * 5 reps (each arm)
  • Plyometric Skips (leap forward as far as possible) * 50 yards

Group Two

  • 1 Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press *5 reps (each arm)
  • Sprint * 50 yards

Group Three

  • Kettlebell Push Ups * 5 reps (each arm)
  • Sprint * 50 yards

Group Four

  • 1 Arm Kettlebell Row * 5 reps (each arm)
  • Sprint * 50 yards

I’m going to train this way for a month and am going to track my progress, especially fat and weight loss. I’ll post each workout for you as well as my comments and results.

Equipment & Supplements Used/Taken