Ask Stayfitcentral: How Can I Make Push Ups More Challenging?

I love doing push ups after a workout and on my days off. I can do them with my own bodyweight for 50 plus reps using strict form. I used push up bars for a while but they’ve become to easy too. Do you have any other ways to do them to make them more challenging?

Sure. Detailed below are 3 ways to make doing push ups tougher. You may have to buy some extra equipment but think you’ll find the investment worthwhile as each piece has many other uses too.

Push Ups With Added Weight
This will add to the amount of weight your pushing up and therefore make the exercise much tougher. You can add weight by wearing a weighted vest such as an X Vest or have partner add heavy chains on top of your back. We like using an X Vest since you can do it yourself and add more weight to the vest as you become stronger. Plus, the X Vest can be used with lots of other exercises too.

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Power Wheel Push Ups
The Power Wheel isn’t just for doing abdominal exercises. By strapping your feet onto it you can do really challenging push ups. Doing them on a Power Wheel will also work your abs and lower back too. The wheel also creates an unstable environment to perform push ups in too.Once you get really strong you can do them wearing an X Vest. If you are unfamiliar with the Power Wheel, check out our review.

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Plyometric Push Ups
Plyometric push ups are a great exercise for building strength and power throughout your upper body. They especially train your chest, shoulders, and triceps. Done properly, they will help you improve your ability to throw farther, punch harder, and push with more power. You do them the same way you perform a regular push up but when your pushing your body back into the starting position you do so as hard and explosively as possible so your hands come off the ground. Try to get your hands at least 3″ in the air every time. Perform 5 or more sets of 3-5 reps. Read more about performing plyometric push ups.

TRX Suspension Trainer Push Ups
This piece of fitness equipment makes possible all sorts of Push Ups variations. You can place your feet in the straps and do push ups or elevate your feet on a stable platform and do them with your hands in the straps for a really challenging exercise. Once you’re really strong you can move on to advanced movements like the push-up and fly and Atomic Push Up. You can learn how to perfom TRX Atomic Push Ups by at this article.

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Now you have several ways to do make push ups harder and better muscle and strength builders. All that’s left is for you to do is choose a variation and get to work.

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