Ask Stayfitcentral: Kettlebell Complex Workouts For Fat Loss

I just bought a set of PerformBetter kettlebells and would like your help. I want to perform complex style workouts with them to help me lose body fat and get into shape. Do you have an example kettlebell complex workout for me to use?



Thanks for the question Anne. There are limitless types of complexes you can do with kettlebells. Below is an example kettlebell complex for you to try.

Exercise 1: Kettlebell Swings – 8 reps
Exercise 2: Kettlebell Push Press – 8 reps each arm
Exercise 3: Kettlbell Squats – 8 reps
Exercise 4: Kettlebell Rows – 8 reps each arm
Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat.

You can perform this workout by itself or after your regular strength training workouts.

Here’s the basics to help you put together your own kettlebell complex. All you need to do is choose several upper and lower body exercises for a total of 4-8 movements per complex. Perform one exercise after another, alternating between upper and lower body movements. Once you’ve done a set of each exercise you’ve completed one complex. After this rest, and repeat. Start with 3-4 complexes and then increase as your conditioning improves. You should do 6-12 reps per exercise.

If you want more pre-made kettlebell workouts designed to help you lose weight and cut body fat you might want to try the Turbulence Training Kettlebell Revolution program. It’s based on the same principles as Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training workouts and provides several weeks worth of routines. You can read our review of the Kettlebell Revolution program to learn more.

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