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I read your article on soft medicine balls and bought myself one to use when I work out at home. In the article you mention medicine ball slams. They sound like fun. I’m curious what muscles do they train and how I should add them to my training routine?



Our Answer:
Hey Dan. Medicine ball slams train several muscle groups, especially the muscles that make up your ‘core’ (abs, lower back, glutes, and hamstrings). Below are couple of tips to performing them properly.

* Hold a medicine ball overhead in both hands with arms flexed. Pretend you’re performing a soccer throw-in. Your knees should be slightly bent.
* Push up on your toes and contract your abs as you prepare to throw the ball.
* Push your feet into the ground and then throw the ball straight down into the ground.
* Pick the ball up and repeat.

The video below to shows how they’re done.

When you’re doing medicine ball slams you need to focus on contracting your abs and slamming the ball into the ground as explosively as possible. This will help you strengthen you abdominal muscles and building explosive strength throughout your body.

One way to add ball slams to your work outs are to do them before any other abdominal exercises such as planks, leg raises, etc. Other ways are to do them are before you lift weights or on your days off from the weight rooms. These methods may be best as its best to perform exercises that build muscle power first in your workouts when you are least fatigued.

Start with a 2-3 sets of 6-8 reps and add sets as you get stronger. When you can do 5 sets of 8 reps move up to a heavier ball.

The best ball to use is a non-bouncing, soft medicine ball. Read our review to learn which one we recommend using.

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