The Best Keto Supplements – Learn How They’ll Help You

My wife and I have followed a ketogenic/low carbohydrate diet together for a few years.

Thanks to the diet and the best keto supplements, our results have been nothing short of extraordinary. We’re leaner, healthier, fitter, stronger, and have more energy than before we started eating low carb.

Getting into nutritional ketosis isn’t always easy. Staying in fat burning mode isn’t either.

This article reviews what our personal experience and research finds to be the best keto supplements.

How We Chose The Best Keto Supplements
In choosing these products we reviewed the latest research on dozens of supplements. We then tried them ourselves to see how they did or didn’t work for us.

I also spoke with and read the stories of others who eat a keto/low carb diet to see which supplements they take.

As a result of this work, we have this guide of the best keto supplements.

All you need to do now is read about each and learn which are the best choices for you.

How To Use This Guide
The best way to get started is to first review the list below. It’s an overview of each keto supplement and it’s benefits.

Clicking on the supplements names will take you their detailed review.

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  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) – brain fog, workout energy, faster recovery post-workout.
  • Creatine Monohydrate – train hard without carbs, get stronger, build muscle, increase mental energy.
  • MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides) – get into ketosis faster, diminish/eliminate keto flu, mental energy.
  • ZMA – get to sleep faster, wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get after it.


    Why Did I Choose These Keto Supplements?
    When we first started eating really low carb and fasting to get into nutritional ketosis my wife and I experienced varying degrees of the ‘keto flu’. You may be familiar too with the mood swings, lack of energy, and feelings of hunger that can make sticking to the diet really, really hard.

    I know I was. It’s probably why I stopped and started eating this way so many times before.

    This time around, we decided to try out different nutritional supplements to see if any helped minimize or even eliminate any of the negative symptoms we experienced on the diet.

    When choosing products to test we also looked for supplements that can also help us stay in easily stay in nutritional ketosis and exercise intensely daily (i.e. Crossfit and kettlebells).

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    How Did We Choose The Best Keto Supplements?

  • Reading the latest research on every nutrient that thought may be helpful.
  • Searching for products that contain these nutrients in the correct amount And are found to be safe for healthy guys and girls to add to their diet.
  • Taking each product as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Read personal testimonials and spoke to other people who follow a ketogenic diet to see which nutritional supplements they take.

    This above was repeated until we came up with four supplements that we think are the best for all us who eat low carb/keto. Each is reviewed below.

    Clean Machine BCAA to train harder,longer!
    Stayfitcentral’s List Of The Best Keto Diet Supplements
    Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAAS)
    Made up of 3 amino acids that you can only get from food or supplements, BCAAs help you get the most from eating keto.

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  • This list show you how BCAAs help when you’re eating keto.
  • Prevent muscle loss – this is especially beneficial in the early stages of keto diet, before you’re body is really burning fat for fuel. The BCAAs you take as a supplement will be used as energy instead of those that make up your muscle. Also great to use when doing extended fasts.
  • Energy for workouts – drink pre-workout for an instant source of calorie free energy that won’t knock you out of nutritional ketosis.
  • Help with fat loss – studies show taking BCAAs can help you lose fat and build muscle when cutting calories to lose weight.
    Decrease cravings – BCAAs block the production of X will can make you hungry. Especially helpful during the first couple of weeks you’re adapting to the diet and becoming a fat burner.

    Which BCAA Supplement Is Best For The Keto Diet?
    My favorite BCAA supplement which I personally use is Clean Machine BCAA powder. Every scoop contains 4 grams of pure branched chain amino acids.

    Unlike other powders that are tough to mix, this BCAA powder is instantized. This helps it dissolve completely after a few stirs with a spoon.

    Clean Machine BCAA contains no sugars or worthless fillers. It’s vegan, soy, gluten, and GMO free.

    Learn more about Clean Machine BCAA powder.

    How Should I Take BCAAs When I’m On A Keto Diet?
    I made a list of the best ways to take branched chain amino’s when you’re eating keto. Each is based upon a particular need that BCAAs are shown to be helpful.

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  • Preventing Muscle Loss – take 1-2 scoops (5-10 grams) before and after your workouts. You can also have another serving on days you don’t work out to help keep your body in an anabolic (muscle-building) state.
  • For Energy During Workouts – take scoops before you train. You may also want to drink another serving during your workout when you’re workout is especially intense or long.
    For Fat Loss And Decreasing Cravings – take 1 scoop with water 1-2 times a day.

    2. Creatine Monohydrate
    If you work out intensely (Crossfit, weights, sprints, etc.) creatine is a must take supplement. When you’re on a keto diet, it becomes even more helpful.

    One of the biggest complaints people have with regard to exercising intensely on a ketone if diet is that that don’t have the energy or become fatigued too quickly to stick the workout out.

    Supplementing with creatine eliminates this problem. I personally notice a huge difference when my muscles are loaded with creatine. I don’t get as fatigued between sets and continue to get stronger even though I’m still adapting to the diet.

    Even if you are adapted and are efficiently burning fat for your energy it can help. You’ll gain muscle and strength faster and be able to train harder even longer.

    Another benefit to taking creatine monohydrate is that it may help give your brain energy. This is important during the beginning phases of the diet. Having an instant energy source during the time your brain is switching from using sugar to ketones for fuel may eliminate some of the brain fog you may feel.

    What Product Is The Best?
    Our favorite is Betancourt Micronized Creatine Monohydrate. Every can is packed with nothing but 100% pure creatine monohydrate that’s made right here in the United States. Plus it’s tested before and after packaging for purity.

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    Key Benefits – Betancourt Micronized Creatine

  • Big value – 105 servings per container. Enough to last 2-3 months.
  • Mixes easily and dissolves completely.
  • Gluten and sugar free.
  • Tested to be free of impurities.

    You can buy this creatine supplement from our online store.

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    Benefits Of Creatine Monohydrate

  • It will give you the energy to still train hard (lift weights, sprint, etc.) while your body is adapting to burning fat for fuel.
  • You’ll be able to maintain or get even stronger even when restricting carbs.
  • It’s a great source of fuel for your brain. This means it can help you think better and more clearly.
  • It can help you add lean muscle, even if you’re dieting to lose weight and excess fat.

    How Should I Take Creatine?
    The best way to take it is to follow the tried and true method of first ‘loading’ your muscles with creatine for about a week. Then, you should keep your muscles filled with creatine by taking a maintenance dose every day thereafter.

    Here’s a breakdown on how to load and then maintain the creatine in your muscles.
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  • Loading Phase (days 1-7) – take 20 grams of creatine monohydrate daily in 4 servings (5 grams each).
  • Maintenance (days 8 on) – take 5 grams a day in a single serving.

    Since you’re eating to stay in nutritional ketosis and avoiding sugary drinks, you should drink your creatine with plain water. Protein shakes are okay if you can drink them without throwing off your diet.

    3. MCT Oil
    Like fish oil, this ‘super fat’ is an awesome keto supplement.

    Every spoonful that you eat, blend into your coffee, and cook with provides a serving of special fats called medium chain triglycerides. They’re most often called MCTs.

    Unlike other fats, MCTs are digested differently. Instead of being digested in our stomachs they are absorbed by in the small intestine.

    Then they are quickly shuttled into your liver where they can get to work.

    Here they enable your body to make energy and brain-boosting ketones.

    MCTs make getting and staying into nutritional ketosis faster and easier.

    As you may know, the transition of going from using sugar to fat for energy can be difficult. I felt tired, miserable, and hungry when I first started eating low carb.

    Supplementing my diet with 2-3 tablespoons of MCT oil daily helped tremendously.

    Once I started using MCT oil as a keto supplement my total body fatigue was replaced by tons of energy!

    My head also felt more clear. The constant cravings for pizza and doughnuts were reduced to a dull roar too.

    MCT Edge Pure And Sustainable Oil
    Which MCT Oil Is The Best Keto Supplement?
    My favorite is MCT Edge.

    Every serving consists of 100% MCTs. This ensures you feel and experience it’s benefits quickly.

    The other reasons why I use this MCT oil is that it extra virgin. This means it is made by physically – not chemically – separating the fat from the rest of the coconut or kernel.

    Using MCT Edge As A Keto Supplement
    Here are several ways you can get your daily dose of MCTs from this supplement.

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  • Blend a tablespoon into your morning coffee.
  • Eat it right off the spoon.
  • Use it instead of olive oil to saute vegetables.
  • Add to your salad dressing.

    When first adding MCT oil to your diet start with a teaspoon. It’s always a good idea to make sure it doesn’t upset your stomach before taking it by spoonful.

    4. ZMA
    Google ‘ketogenic diet side effects’ and you’ll read over and over about hot many people have trouble falling asleep during the first couple weeks of eating low carb and high fat.

    As you know, not getting a good, restful night’s sleep is a problem. Especially since we want to be able to train hard and get the most from every day.

    The best solution I’ve found for this issue is taking the fourth keto supplement on this list, ZMA.

    ZMA – short for zinc and magnesium aspartate – is an indispensable supplement when your goal is to burn fat for your energy and get into nutritional ketosis.

    What makes it different from other multi-mineral supplements are the quality and dosage of its key ingredients. The magnesium and zinc in every serving are combined with x so they are better absorbed by your body than similar products. The amount in each serving is also X% of your daily requirements.

    When it comes to helping you get to sleep, the X mg of magnesium aspartate in every serving is what does the trick. Several studies show that taking it can help your relax and even lower your blood pressure.

    My wife takes ZMA daily and finds that it helps her quickly get to sleep, stay asleep for 7 hours, and wake up feeling rested. When she goes a week or two without it, Monica notices that the quality of her sleep isn’t the same.

    In addition to this awesome type of magnesium, you also get zinc aspartate and a healthy serving of B vitamins.

    Just like the magnesium, the zinc used in ZMA is also better absorbed than competing products. This is awesome since it’s a very important nutrient. Zinc plays a role in hundreds of bodily function. They include producing testosterone and keeping our immune system healthy.

    We lose zinc when we train hard. This makes it especially important that we replace what is lost. Taking ZMA once a day makes sure your body gets what it needs.

    Last but not least, the B vitamins in this keto supplement also replace what our bodies use every day. They are important to get through our diet and this supplement since they have so many important functions. Some of them are: repairing and building our muscles and helping our brain work optimally.

    When Should You Take ZMA?
    Since it’s meant to help you relax and better recover the recommend time to take this keto diet supplement is 30-60 minutes before bed.

    This is enough time for it to go to work and help you relax before bed.

    It’s also best to take it on an empty stomach. This helps your body better absorb these nutrients. Eating before bed can also make it difficult to fall asleep.

    Which ZMA Keto Supplement Is The Best?
    The product that my wife and I like, take, and find to be the best is Nutrakey Z Force.

    Every serving has the right amounts of zinc and magnesium aspartate and B vitamins.

    We also love that that you get the most for your money with Z Force ZMA. Every bottle contains an extra 10 days of servings than other ZMA supplements.

    Even better is that it costs less than other ZMA supplements. The extra servings in every bottle are like a free gift when you compare Z Force ZMA to similar products.

    Click here to buy ZMA from our online store.

    We’ve now covered the best keto supplements for quickly getting past the ‘keto flu’, burning calories and fat faster, and training hard when eating keto. Give the products that you think will help you the most a try and let us know how they’ve helped you.

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