Build Your Abs With Kettlebell Slams

I recently learned a kettlebell exercise that will help you to strengthen and increase power throughout the muscles of your upper body and ‘core’. It’s the kettlebell slam. They are done pretty much the same way as a medicine ball slam except you replace the medicine ball with a kettlebell. This article shows you how to perform kettlebell slams, details how they can benefit you, and also includes a video demonstration that is narrated by strength coach Martin Rooney.

Benefits Of Kettlebell Slams
Whether you want to strengthen your abs and lower back or increase strength and power for a sport, kettlebell slams can help. Doing them regularly will help you transfer the strength and power you build to activities you perform every day like lifting heavy objects and using the strength in your ‘core’ muscles to hold and carry everything from the groceries to moving furniture.

Kettlebell Slams will help you improve the upper body power you need in several sports too. This includes throwing in football, serving a tennis ball, as well as punching and throwing if you do MMA.

Last but not least, kettlebell slams will make your abs look better too.

How To Do Kettlebell Slams

  • Hold onto a kettlbell with one or two hands using an overhand grip (palms facing down).
  • Pull the kettlebell up until it it’s at least shoulder high.
  • Using as much force as possible, slam the kettlebell down into the ground.
  • Pick the kettlebell up and repeat for 3-5 reps per set.

Watch the video below for a demonstration on how to perform one and two handed kettlebell slams.

Shopping For A Kettlebell
You want to make sure you use a kettlebell that is designed well so that it will withstand being slammed into the ground. Make sure you buy one that is made of solid cast iron. The ‘bell you use should also have a handle that’s easy to grip and welded on so it won’t become lose over time.

You can learn more and get our product recommendations by reading this kettlebell review.

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