Build Your Body With Kettlebell Throws

Lifting weights outside is a great way to change up your routine and do exercises you can’t typically do indoors. The Kettlebell Throw is one such exercise. Similar to the kettlebell swing, they’re a total body exercise that will help you look better and improve your strength faster than any gym based workout. This article details how they can help you build your best body too.

The Many Benefits Of Kettlebell Throws

  • They’re a total body exercise. Kettlebell Throws train almost every muscle in your body, especially the hamstrings, glutes, abs, back and shoulders.
  • You’ll get your workout done in less time. Since they’re a total body exercise that requires maximal effort, you can complete a workout in about 20 minutes.
  • They can help you build stronger, better looking abs faster than abdominal exercise can.
  • Get lean and look better faster. Since they target so many large muscles and require a lot of effort, you’ll burn more calories and get fit faster.
  • Perform better. Done properly, they’ll help you run faster, jump higher, and throw farther. No matter what sport you play, Kettlebell Swings can help.
  • They’re fun. Throwing a weight as far as possible is a blast and nice break from the gym.

How To Perform A Kettlebell Throw
Before performing this exercise you should first learn how to do a Kettlebell Swing. Once you have that mastered, you can proceed to throws. Below are a few tips to help you perform them properly.

  • Hold a kettlebell by the handle with both hands and your palms facing you.
  • Squat down with the kettlebell between your legs.
  • Keeping your arms extended, abs tight and lower back flat, swing the weight through your legs.
  • Pull the kettlebell through your legs as quickly and hard as possible.
  • Repeat this swing 2-3 times to prepare yourself for the throw.
  • On the 3rd swing, throw the kettlebell by releasing it when it is at about shoulder level.

Adding Kettlebell Throws To Your Workout Routine
Since they are so physically demanding, you should do them as the first exercise of your workout. Start with 5-10 throws and increase the number of reps as you get stronger. You can also make them part of a circuit style workout for a greater challenge.

Here’s a complete workout that incorporates kettlebell throws into the routine to help you build muscle and lose fat fast!

Required Equipment
The only equipment you need are a kettlebell and enough room to complete your workout. Sand and grass are the best surfaces because they do the least damage to the kettlebell and your joints.

When choosing a kettlebell to use, pick one that you can properly swing 8-10 times. This will be a weight that you should be able throw far enough to get a good workout.

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Curt Pedersen