Aminogen Increases The Power Of Protein Shakes

Aminogen Enzymes
When you lift weights and do other types of intense exercise regularly your protein requirements increase. Working out can up your daily protein requirements to about 1 gram per pound of body weight. While getting this much protein every day through food and supplements like protein shakes is relatively easy, ensuring it is all utilized by your body is not. This is because there may not always be enough of the enzymes that break down protein available, especially after eating or drinking a high protein meal. A recently published study finds adding a specific type of digestive enzymes to protein shakes may help solve this problem.

In this study, scientists had subjects drink 50 gram whey protein shakes with and without digestive enzymes. The enyzmes used in this study are Aminogen, a patented, plant-based supplement. Blood tests were performed after drinking each shake. These tests were done to determine if Aminogen helped increase the break down of the protein and absorption into its constituent amino acids. Most important to all of you looking to build muscle, they also measured whether or not it helped the subjects utilize instead of eliminate these amino acids.

Results from this study find that Aminogen helps your body better absorb and utilize the amino acids you get from drinking a whey protein shake. In this study, it is shown that Aminogen increases total amino acid and branch chain amino acid absorption by 100% and 25%. Protein retention increased 32% after drinking the shakes with Aminogen. Drinking a protein shake with Aminogen may therefore make it easier to get the amino acids you need to build muscle, given that your total protein and other nutritional needs are met.

There are several protein and meal replacement shakes that contain Aminogen. We’ve listed them below to make finding and choosing one easy. When you click through any of these links you’ll see Aminogen listed in either the products ingredients or manufacturer’s description section.

BSN Lean Dessert
Low calorie, high protein meal replacement shake.

BSN True Mass
Award winning weight gainer. 630 calories per shake.

Controlled Labs Golden Finish
Post-workout shake with 20 grams of carbohydrates and proteins per serving.

Cytosport Monster Milk
Weight gainer with 50 grams of protein per serving and the highest dose of Aminogen available.

GAT Branch Chain Amino Acids
BCAA capsules. Provides almost 4 grams of branch chain aminos per serving.

Optimum Platinum Hydrowhey
Whey protein with 30 grams of protein per 2 scoop serving.

Optimum 100% Casein
Protein shake with 24 grams of slowly digested micellar casein protein per scoop.

Source: Julius Oben, Shil C Kothari, Mark L Anderson. An open label study to determine the effects of an oral proteolytic enzyme system on whey protein concentrate metabolism in healthy males. J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2008; 5: 10.

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