The Benefits Of Liquid Vitamin D Supplements

Why You May Prefer Taking Liquid Vitamin D
The key benefit liquid vitamin D supplements have over capsules is their convenience. Instead of swallowing even more pills every day, all you have to do is a add a few drops into a drink or your mouth. It is especially convenient if you take more than 2000 IU of vitamin D a day. This is because dosages of this amount and higher requires you to take 2 or more capsules a day.

Who Benefits From Liquid Vitamin D?
Specific populations of people benefit from the liquid form of vitamin D. This includes anyone who takes more than 2000 IU a day, children, people who have difficulty swallowing, and those who hate to swallow pills.

Which Liquid Vitamin D Supplement Is The Best?
One of the best liquid vitamin D supplements I’ve found is the Vitamin Shoppe brand’s Liquid Vitamin D. The main reason I like it is that each drop has 1000 IU of vitamin D. One drop with this high a dosage makes it convenient to take, even if you take 5000 or more IU every day.

The other thing that makes it a great supplement is that it only contains vitamin D in the D3 form. This is really important since D3 is better absorbed and utilized by your body. This means your body can get more out of every drop than if you were to take a supplement that uses another form of vitamin D.

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