Tyrosine What It Is And How It Can Benefit You

Tyrosine is one of my favorite nutritional supplements. I take it for energy, focus, and better workouts. Tyrosine has many benefits and provides them without making me feel jittery or causing me to crash when it wears off like caffeine does. After reading this article you’ll know how tyrosine can benefit you too. You’ll learn: how tyrosine works, what doses to take, its potential benefits, and which tyrosine supplements are best.

What Is Tyrosine?
Tyrosine is an amino acid that your body gets from protein rich foods (i.e. cheese, eggs, milk, sesame seeds, yogurt) or by taking nutritional supplements. Whole eggs are one of the best sources. Just 1 egg has 295 mg of tyrosine. Your body can also make tyrosine from an amino acid named phenylalanine.

How Tyrosine Works
Tyrosine functions largely to produce neurotransmitters which are chemicals that exist in large amounts within our brain and digestive system. In the brain it is used to produce dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical that plays a role in your attention span, memory, mood, and sleep. People with ADD and certain types of depression often have low dopamine levels.

Outside the brain it works within the cells of your thyroid gland. Tyrosine helps makes the hormones that regulate your metabolism and determine how many calories our burned during the day.

The Best Ways To Get Tyrosine
The best way to get an adequate dose of tyrosine is through nutritional supplements. This is because you will need at least 500 mg and as much as 2-4 grams per dose to really see results. Food contains too little for you to get these amounts without eating really large quantities.

Tyrosine Supplement Effects
People find that taking a tyrosine supplement makes them feel more alert and energized without feeling nervous or jittery. You may also experience an improved ability to concentrate and therefore get more work done in less time. When you take it before a workout this increased energy and ability to concentrate may help you train harder and longer too. Tyrosine, therefore is a nutritional supplement that can be used by any healthy adult, whether you want it to help you at work, while studying, doing chores around the house, and in the gym.

Tyrosine’s Benefits
Listed below are the results from two studies that support the effects described above and show how taking tyrosine may benefit you. After reading you’ll really see how it can help your performance in the gym, at work, and throughout your day.

  1. Tyrosine Can Help You Exercise Harder, Longer When It’s Hot Outside
    The next time you go out to workout in hot weather taking a tyrosine supplement may help you train harder, longer. Results from one study show that subjects taking this amino acid before cycling to exhaustion in the heat rode for 11 minutes longer than when they took a placebo supplement.

  2. Tyrosine Can Help You Perform Better When Stressed
    Whether its due to being exhausted from a lack of sleep, cold weather, or working out every day, tyrosine may help you perform better when your physically and mentally beat. Studies using soldiers who were made to perform lots of work without much sleep show they are able to perform better on exercise and mental tests than subjects who didn’t take any. So, the next time you need to get work done or workout but are feeling mentally and physically tired, taking tyrosine may help you get it done.

How Much Tyrosine Should You Take?
Based on the results from the aforementioned studies, the dosage you need to see results varies widely. You should start with a low dose (250-500 mg) and increase until you see results. Some people require 2 or more grams to see noticeable benefits. Fortunately, tyrosine supplements are relatively inexpensive so if you need a larger dose at least it won’t break your budget.

Tyrosine Supplements I Recommend
One tyrosine supplements I like is Vitamin Shoppe Tyrosine capsules. Each capsule has 500 mg of l-tyrosine. It’s a great product to use whether you take a small or large dose since you can get 2-3 grams easily with just 4-6 capsules.