How MCT Oil Helps Focus And Clears Brain Fog

Since you’re reading this article, I bet you want to know if  MCT oil  helps focus? More specifically, can it help you concentrate on your work, or any other mentally challenging task with greater clarity for longer periods of time? Also, does it relieve the brain fog you feel when you’re first starting on a[…]

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HIIT Workouts And Keto Diets – Better Together

Can you do HIIT workouts when you’re eating keto? I can tell you from first hand experience the answer is yes. As long as you follow the diet properly and train smart. Recently published research supports the results I’m getting.  In this article I review the research behind ketogenic diets and HIIT. I’ll also give[…]

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Does MCT Oil Break A Fast? Get The Facts Here.

We’re often asked whether taking MCT oil will break your fast. The (TLDR;) – too long don’t read – answer is no. Supplementing with MCT oil while fasting will not throw you off track when it comes to your fast. It can actually be very beneficial, making your fast more beneficial and effective.    How[…]

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Should I Take Creatine On Off Days?

I was recently asked ‘should I take creatine on off days?’ To be honest, I’d never thought much about whether or not you should. I figured maybe you shouldn’t, especially once you’re through the loading phase and have filled up your muscles to their maximum capacity. Then I gave it some consideration and did the[…]

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How Creatine Benefits Endurance Athletes

Creatine is an essential supplement for endurance athletes. I know, this flies in the face of what many experts and coaches say.  That’s okay with me. I just want to know if it works or not for distance runners, triathletes, swimmers, and endurance sports in general.  After reading through dozens of studies and articles I[…]

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