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How long Creatine work

The Best Keto Protein Shakes For You

I follow a low carb/keto diet and love its benefits, from the way it helps me feel l, lose and keep off excess body fat. It’s awesome that it’s a diet that allows me to to eat lots of fatty cuts of red meat. Since I want to make sure I follow my diet and […]

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Pure MCT Oil

MCT Oil – Nature’s Alternative Energy Source

MCT oil is an awesome way to quickly gain mental and physical energy. Whether it’s to power through a workout, getting your work done, or overcoming the blahs of the low carb flu it’s a great supplement without the negative side effects some of us get from caffeine. If you like to use caffeine for […]

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Best Way To Take MCT Oil

What’s The Best Way To Take MCT Oil?

Since it’s tasteless, odorless, and incorporates well into many recipes, there are many great ways to take MCT oil. When my wife and I first started using it, we simply took it off a spoon. After a while, we got creative and began experimenting with other ways to incorporate it into our diet. The benefits […]

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