Rest Less To Lose Fat & Get Into Awesome Shape Fast

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One of the reasons I like Chad Waterbury’s Body Of FIRE workout plan is that he makes sure that every workout is more challenging than the last. Doing this enables you to get results faster. One way he does this is by changing the rest periods between sets of exercises throughout the 12 week program. That is, instead of, or in addition to changing reps or the weight you lift, you change the amount of time you rest between sets. Doing makes your body work harder so you get leaner, faster.
This article will teach you the benefits of decreasing rest periods at each workout and shows you how to apply it to your workouts too.

The benefits you get by decreasing the amount of time you rest between sets are:

  • Since you’re resting less you can do more exercise, sets, or reps in at each workout and burn more calories.
  • Resting for 60 seconds or less will enable you to continue burning calories from your stored body fat for hours after your workout is done.
  • You’ll condition your body to recover faster between sets and workouts. Another way you can make progress faster.
  • Decreasing rest periods to less than 60 seconds between sets will help improve your cardiovascular fitness too.

Below is an example of one way to decrease rest periods between sets when your goal is fat loss and/or improved recovery and fitness. Starting at 60 seconds assumes you’re in decent shape. If that’s not the case, start with a longer rest periods.

  • Week 1: 60 seconds rest between sets
  • Week 2: 50 seconds rest between sets
  • Week 3: 40 seconds rest between sets
  • Week 4: 35 seconds rest between sets
  • Week 5: 30 seconds rest between sets
  • Week 6: 25 seconds rest between sets
  • Week 7: 20 seconds rest between sets
  • Week 8: 15 seconds rest between sets

When putting together your workout, you should also pair your exercises in groups of 2 or more for the best results. This will give you a little more rest before repeating the same exercise and enable you to get in your reps with the same weight. All while pushing your body to the max.

One way to do this doing exercises that train opposing muscle groups one after another (chest/back, biceps/triceps) or alternate between upper and lower body exercises.

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