Complexes For Fat Loss & Conditioning

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Complexes are a great way to train, especially if your goal is to burn calories and get into better shape. The main reason is that you don’t get much rest between each exercise. Incomplete rest between sets means you burn more calories from your stored body fat for hours after your workout is done. The other reason is that complexes usually consist of ‘big’ exercises (squats, rows, presses, etc.) which target the large muscle groups in your body. Training these muscle groups burns more calories than when doing exercises for smaller muscle groups like your biceps and triceps.

They’re an efficient and convenient way to workout since you only need a barbell, kettlebell or pair of dumbbells, for the entire workout. You can also do them performing nothing but calisthenics (push ups, squat thrusts, etc.).

What Is A Complex?
A complex consists of 4 or more exercises, done one after another with little to no rest between each exercise. Once you’ve done a a set of each exercise, the complex is completed. Then you rest and start again, repeating until you’ve done the prescribed amount.

Example Complex Workout
Exercise 1: Dumbbell Rows (Dumbbell in each hand, row at the same time).

Rest 30 seconds

Exercise 2: Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Rest 30 seconds

Exercise 3: Split Squats

Rest 30 seconds

Exercise 4: Plank. Hold for 45 seconds.

Rest 30 seconds and begin again with dumbbell rows. Perform 4-6 complexes total. You can add complexes and/or decrease the rest between exercises every week to make the workout more challenging.

The Best Complex Workout For Fat Loss
The best complex workouts I’ve done are the one’s in the Body Of FIRE workout plan. They typically make up the strength training section of these workouts and really push you to your limits. They consist of several exercises that train the large muscle groups of your body (back, chest, legs, shoulders). There’s always an exercise that strengthens your abs too. I also like that at every workout, Chad makes an adjustment to the complex so that it’s more challenging than the previous one. These adjustments include decreasing the rest between exercises, increasing the reps performed, and adding additional exercises.

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