Creatine Facts For Mom And Dad

Mom and dad probably don’t move as much and as fast as they used to, but not because their lazy. With an aging body, there is a loss of muscle mass, bone density and strength. Creatine emerges as the supplement that researchers find can help mom and dad put some kick back into their step. It’s shown to help slow down the process of losing muscle mass, generate strength and put power back into their muscles so that they don’t have to sacrifice quality of life! Who says creatine is just for bodybuilders? Read this article and you can decide!

Creatine Fact #1. Mom and Dad Can Benefit From Creatine Without Training!
Mom and dad might not have time or really be interested in resistance training. However, we know that resistance training helps maintain muscle mass and increases strength. We also know we loose our muscles if we don’t exercise them. What if we added creatine to our diet without workouts? Would it help slow down the process of muscle atrophy?

A group of researches chose 7 men, ages 18-25 and tested for muscle mass, arm strength and endurance over a three week period. Before their arm was placed into a cast for 7 days, muscle mass and performance were tested. They took a placebo for the duration of the 7 days while in the cast. Week 2, the cast was removed with no placebo or creatine supplement and they again took the muscle mass and performance tests. Week 3 they were again put into a cast and given a creatine supplement for 7 days. The final muscle mass and performance tests were given after the 7 days of creatine supplementing and wearing a cast.

Findings showed that creatine sustained and preserved better muscle mass, strength and endurance. These results indicate that short-term creatine supplementation attenuates the loss in muscle mass and strength during upper-arm immobilization. While mom and dad may not be in casts, they probably don’t workout or move as much as they used to. Rest assured, their strength levels will not deteriorate if they supplement with creatine and their quality of life will not be compromised. Now we know creatine can help even without visiting a gym!

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Creatine Fact #2. Creatine Can Increase Dad’s Strength
Creatine can help maintain strength, but can it help increase dad’s strength? A group of active older men, 59-72 years old, were chosen to take creatine for 7 days. They were divided into two groups: 10 who took creatine, and 8 who took a placebo. Their strength was tested on bench presses, leg presses, knee extensions. They performed sprints on an exercise machine measuring explosive strength and energy of the upper and lower body.

In all test areas, the men who supplemented with creatine far exceeded the performance of the men who took a placebo. So older men can improve their athletic performance taking creatine. And maybe dad isn’t doing bench presses or sprints, but taking walks or playing sports can be an option!

Creatine Fact #3. Creatine Can Benefit Mom Too!
And what about mom? Can mom take creatine and can it help improve her strength? She’s not playing sports, but she does like keeping the house clean, working in her garden and energy to be taking walks with dad at the end of the day.

Thirty women were chosen, ages 58-71, and tested for muscular strength and lower body function over a three week period. They performed one repetition on the bench press, leg press and hand grip and took a timed walking test. One group then took creatine and the other a placebo for 7 days. Both groups were evaluated after 7 days.

The Creatine group increased strength in bench press, leg press, and decreased the time of their walk! The placebo group had no significant changes. So now we know mom can take creatine and improve her level of fitness. Taking a long walk with dad no longer feels like a fatigued chore, but a moment of enjoyment!

Creatine Fact #4: Mom And Dad Benefit More From Creatine Than Their Children!
Remember aging is associated with losing muscle mass and increasing body fat. So when mom, dad, and their two kids decide to try creatine for 5 days, mark their fitness levels before and after supplementation, will we see an improvement? Who’s physical fitness will see the greatest increase?

In one study two groups of men and women were selected. The first group was 25-35 years old; the second was 54-62 years old. Both groups were given a placebo for 5 days and then tested. They performed 1 set of knee extensions for 2 minutes and then 1 more set until they were exhausted. The men and women in the study completed this sequence twice with a break in between sets. They then rested and supplemented for 5 days with creatine and repeated the same tests.

While taking the placebo, the older group showed lower phosphocreatine levels and lower phosphocreatine re-sythesis than the younger group. This means less power and explosive energy! However, after supplementing mom and dad put their metal to the peddle! While the younger group had a 15% increase in phosphocreatine, the older group showed a 30% increase! And phosphocreatine re-synthesis increased in both groups, at the same rate! The energy stored in mom and dads muscles was not just restored, it increased! Now it takes longer to feel exhausted and tired! Mom and dad have greater results due to age related decreases in skeletal mass so they show greater signs of progress.

Now mom and dad might be able to have that extra kick in their step to enjoy their hobbies and outdoor activities! We all strive for that extra bit of energy to enjoy our lives, delay fatigue and do more!

Creatine Fact #5. Mom And dad Should Creatine Load
The dosage recommended for mom and dad is about 20 g/day or 2g daily for 30 days to see results. It’s called a loading phase. We explain further about this topic in the article ‘What Is Creatine Loading?’ Several groups have demonstrated that in older adults, short-term high-dose creatine supplementation, independent of exercise training, increases body mass, enhances fatigue resistance, increases muscle strength, and improves the performance of activities of daily living.

Mom and dad are busy people too, but the fact that age causes loss of muscle mass, bone density and overall strength makes life a bit more daunting, as they don’t have the energy of their youth. But now we know creatine is a natural supplements that eases the aging process so they can live and enjoy their recreation and entertainment time! Maybe mom and dad don’t like mixing a creatine powder, however there are now many choices of creatine supplements including easy to digest and flavorful creatine chews! They can also choose a protein powder with creatine added if they prefer an all-in-one supplement! To find out which creatine supplement is best suited for their needs, you can choose from the list of ‘The Best Creatine Supplements.’ If mom or dad are vegetarians, find out ‘Why Creatine Benefits Vegetarians.’ And may mom and dad live a healthy and energetic life!

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