Exercise How-To: Cable Pull-Throughs

Cable Pull-Throughs are a great exercise for building strength, muscle, and flexibility throughout your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. This makes them a great exercise for pretty much everyone, whether you are trying to get faster, bigger, or just want to make your legs and butt look better.

All you need to perform Pull-Throughs are a low cable station and either a small “V” handle or rope attachment.

How To Perform Cable Pull-Throughs
1. Stand away from the low cable pulley with your feet about shoulder width apart, legs slightly bent, and hands holding the handle to triceps rope at the end of the cable.
2. Slightly bending your knees bend over from the waist with your arms extended and hands through your legs. Picture yourself as if you are snapping a football and are at the end of the motion, just before you release the ball.
3. Begin the Pull Through by pushing your feet into the ground and pulling your hands through your legs using only your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings to do the movement. Your arms only purpose is to hold onto the handle or rope do not bend or pull with them at any time.
4. The repetition is finished when you are standing up. Your arms will be at about waist level.
5. Lower yourself to the original starting position and complete the next repetition in the same way.

Cable Pull-Throughs can be done for any repetition scheme. If you are training for strength 4-6 reps is good, speed and power do 2-3 repetitions with a weight you can actually use for 8-10 reps, for size and better looking glute do 8-10 reps, and endurance 12-20 reps are effective.

Do Cable Pull-Throughs on days you train legs as one of your hamstring specific exercises. They’re also good to do for recovery purposes on an off day.

Below are a couple of videos that further illustrate effective ways to do this exercise. Note in the second video how the trainee really stretches back between her legs. This is a variation that will really test and build your strength and flexibility.

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