Fat Fasting – Getting The Most From Your Intermittent Fasts

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MCT Oil Will Help You Fast Faster

Whether you regularly or occasionally practice intermittent fasting, taking MCT oil can be very helpful. Doing so is often referred to as a fat fast. There are several ways to do this and while most any fat is okay to use, MCTs are the best. After reading this article you’ll know how to use this special fat to make each fast your do successful.

Why MCT Oil Is Helpful When You’re Fasting

Unlike other types of fat, MCTs are quickly shuttled from your digestive system to your liver after you take a spoonful. Here they are used to convert to compounds called ketones which our body uses for instant energy. That’s right, instead of being stored around your belly or hips, they go to work immediately and creating energy for your body to use right away.

MCT oil works so fast that within 15-30 minutes you’ll not just notice that any hunger or cravings are gone but that you also have a significant boost your mental and physical energy too. I took a tablespoon before I began writing this article and I feel mentally clearer and energized already.

How To Use MCT Oil When You’re Doing Intermittent Fasts

1. You Can Take Them When You’re Feeling Hungry

During the first few weeks that you’re fasting for 12 hours or longer between meals you’re likely to feel some pretty gnarly hunger pains and cravings. This often because your body is still adjusting to not eating several times a day.

While it’s important to learn to acknowledge that these feelings are temporary, sometimes they are disruptive and lead you to reach for a bagel or Snickers bar, or 2 or 3. This is when MCT oil really helps.

Taking a small amount of MCT oil (no more than a tablespoon – 100 calories) 1-2 times during a fast helps put your cravings into check. Fast. Usually within about 30 minutes. Since it’s made up of nothing but healthy fats, it won’t cause your blood sugar or insulin levels to increase and throw your body out of nutritional ketosis. In short, this means your body will still be burning off excess body fat for energy.

Remember, the goal with using MCT oil when you’re fasting is to reduce cravings and feelings of hunger and to make fasting work for you. You want to take the smallest amount possible. This helps you avoid eating excess calories and slowing your progress.

mct oil fasting

2. You Can Take MCTs When Breaking Your Fast

Since I’ve adapted to intermittent fasting, I don’t need to take fats in during my fast all that often. Maybe 1-2 times a week. The way I use them now is with my post-fast meal. Adding MCT oil to my meals by cooking with them or adding them to my food before I eat helps in several ways.

One way is that including them to my post-fast dinner helps my body stay in fat burning mode, even if I eat a few extra carbs. This is because MCTs enable our body to make more fat burning ketones. This makes it possible to stay in nutritional ketosis and using fat for fuel even if you eat a few more carbs than normal.

Taking MCTs with my daily meal also helps me crave sweets and other forbidden, carbohydrate rich treats like pizza and bread less. When I don’t add them to a meal, I often crave pizza, cookies, and tortillas too, even though my dinners consist primarily of fatty cuts of meat and some vegetables or fruit (avocados).

I also don’t feel as tired after I eat post-fast. Even though I keep my carbs low, when I don’t take MCTs I can feel pretty tired after eating. A tablespoon of them on my dinner actually gives me a post-dinner burst of energy that helps me keep getting things done.

One final benefit to taking MCTs with your meal is that they make whatever you’re eating taste better. Try it for yourself by drizzling a tablespoon over whatever you eat. I don’t know exactly why but I do notice that whatever I’m eating tastes a little more awesome.

mct oil fasting

3. Use MCT Oil Pre-Workout During A Fast

If you workout in a fasted state they’re times when your energy isn’t always so great. This doesn’t mean you should skip your workout. What you can do instead is take a spoonful of MCT oil about 15-30 minutes before training. This will give your body a near instant source of energy that will last all workout long.

Many people like to take branched chain amino acids with their MCT oil pre-workout. The added aminos provide another source of energy during longer workouts and can also help speed recover and decrease post-workout soreness. Be careful not to take in too much protein from BCAAs or only do it near the end of your fast since they may negate some of its benefits.

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Which MCT Oil Should I Take When Fasting?

The product that I use is MCT Edge. It’s our in-house product that we developed after a year of research into which MCT oil produces the best results.

Every serving of MCT Edge gives you 14 grams of energy and ketone boosting medium chain triglycerides. Not just any old MCTs but those that help your body produce the most ketones for the greatest amount of mental and physical energy.

MCT Edge is also a pharmaceutical grade and sustainably sourced nutritional supplement. This means that every serving you take contains nothing but pure MCTs that were made in a way that doesn’t hurt the environment or people who grow the coconuts these fats are made from.

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Final Tips When Supplementing With MCT Oil

While it’s a very safe, and effective supplement, it’s important not to take too much MCT oil at first. Doing so can lead to stomach cramps and even worse, if you know what I mean.

Eliminating these uncomfortable side effects is easy. Start out with small amounts of MCT oil. Take ½ to 1 teaspoon initially. Increase by ½-1 teaspoon at a time over a period of a few weeks until you are able to take 1 tablespoon without any side effects.

If taking MCTs on an empty stomach still bothers you, only take it with food when breaking your fast.


You now know how MCT oil can be used to help you get the most from your fasts. Whether you are a hard training athlete or are dieting to lose a little extra weight, they can help make the process not only less painful but very enjoyable. Give them a try for yourself to see how they can help you as well.

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