Stayfitcentral Reviews The Perform Better Foam Roller Plus Package

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Foam rollers, those large noodle-like pieces of foam you may have seen at the gym or a physical therapy center are an inexpensive and easy way to keep your muscles limber and pain free. One of their best uses is to give yourself a massage and work out painful trigger points. They can also be used for balance training exercises, stretching, and to help speed post-workout recovery.

This article reviews a the Perform Better Foam Roller Plus package. It’s a great product, especially if you’re buying your first foam roller and haven’t used one before. Keep reading to learn more about what you get with your order and how it can help improve your healthy, performance, and recovery.

The key components of the Foam Roller Plus Package are the foam roller and a DVD by strength coach Mike Boyle. The foam roller is 3 feet long, 6 inches around, and has a sturdy PVC center that’s surrounded by super tough foam. The entire roller is encased by a removable and washable outer layer. When compared to other products which are nothing more than a piece of foam that will eventually wear out, this roller wins hands down.

The DVD that comes with the package teaches you everything you need to know to use your roller and reap the benefits it can provide. In it, strength coach Mike Boyle teaches rolling exercises for individual body parts, rehab, flexibility, pre-workout and more. A model does a great job demonstrating how to properly perform each exercise. You can check out clips from the DVD by clicking on this link.

Benefits Of The Foam Roller Plus Package

  • Benefit quickly. DVD teaches you the right way to perform the best exercises.
  • Save money. This roller will last you longer than other products made only of foam.
  • Removable and washable outer layer enables you to keep you and your roller clean.
  • Perform Better’s 2 year warranty has you covered in case your roller doesn’t hold up.

The Perform Better Foam Roller Package is a piece of fitness equipment that’s worth owning as it is an inexpensive tool that can help you quickly perform and feel better. Another cool thing about foam rolling is you can do it pretty much any time or place. Once you learn the exercises you can do them anytime such as before and after you workout, before bed, or while you watch TV.

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