Great Ways To Split Up Your Workouts

Are you tired of breaking your workouts into individual body part sessions that provide little more than a temporary pump? Do you need to more recovery time between workouts than full body sessions allow? If so, upper/lower body split training is for you. This article details its benefits and also outlines three different ways to train this way.

Benefits of upper/lower body split training:

  • Enables you to emphasize individual muscle groups more than total body workouts.
  • You’re still able to train each muscle group at least twice a week.
  • Since each workout still emphasizes large muscle groups you will burn more calories than a body part (i.e. arm or shoulders) only workout.
  • When done properly your likely to get bigger hormonal boost so you can build muscle and burn fat faster than body part training allows.
  • You’re able to plan your workouts so you can recovery faster.

Upper/Lower Body Split Plans
1. Traditional Four Day A Week Upper/Lower Body Split
This is the tried and true method of upper/lower body splits. Training using the template outlined below allows you to train hard and recovery completely between workouts.

Monday: Upper Body
Tuesday: Lower Body
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Upper Body
Friday: Lower Body
Sat/Sun: Off

2. Horizontal and Vertical Split
This training split divides your workouts into horizontal and vertical planes (lying down or standing) and the lower body into quadriceps or hamstring and glute workouts. Below is a way to this type of workout can be arranged.

Monday: Upper Body (vertical plane).
Exercises: Cable Fly, Incline Bench, Lat Pull Downs, Seated Row, Military Press, Upright Row

Tuesday: Lower Body (quad dominant)
Exercises: Front Squats, Barbell Lunges, Narrow Stance Lunges, Leg Extension

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Upper Body (horizontal plane)
Exercises: Dumbell Fly, Barbell and Dumbell Bench Press, Bent Over Row, Dumbbell Row, Lateral Raise, Reverse Fly

Friday: Lower Body (glute, hamstring dominant)
Exercises: Deadlift, Reverse Lunge, Step Ups, Stiff Leg Deadlift, Leg Curls, Good Mornings

Calves, abdominals, and lower back can be trained on either lower body day. Arms can be trained at either upper body workouts.

3. Three Day A Week Upper/Lower Body Split
Last, but not least, if you don’t have time to train four days a week you can do split training 3 days a week. The pattern you would follow is listed below.

Week 1
Monday: Upper Body Workout A
Wednesday: Lower Body Workout A
Friday: Upper Body Workout B

Week 2
Monday: Lower Body Workout B
Wednesday: Upper Body Workout A
Friday: Lower Body Workout A

Week 3
Repeat same pattern as week one

Week 4
Repeat same pattern as week two

Hopefully after reading this article you will see there are many ways to effectively design your workouts. We recommend giving each method a try to see what works best for you. Make sure you do each type of upper/lower body split for at least a month before moving on to another workout.

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