Inverted Rows – Build Your Back Without Weights

inverted rows
If you workout without barbells and dumbbells like many people who don’t workout in a gym you may think it’s impossible to perform one of the best upper back exercises around, rows. Fortunately this is not the case. You can do all sorts of rows without weights to build a strong back that looks great too!

An alternative way do perform rows is to use rings or a TRX Suspension Trainer. These variations are referred to as inverted rows. Doing them this way will strengthen and build all of the muscles of your upper back including your lats, rhombiods, and traps just like when you use weights. Your biceps will get a great workout too.

An additional benefit of doing inverted rows with rings or a TRX is that they place less stress on your lower back than when you use weights. This is because of the position from which you perform the movement. Your abs, glutes, and lower back muscles actually get a workout when you do this exercise.

This article teaches you a couple of different ways to do bodyweight rows with the TRX or rings. Add them to your workout to sculpt and strengthen your upper back.

Inverted Rows
Inverted Rows
This is the best exercise to learn when you’re first learning how to perform bodyweight rows. Start by holding a strap in each hand.

1. Attach your TRX or rings just above head height.
2. Hold one handle in each hand and walk back until the straps are fully stretched and your arms are extended. The handles should be held at chest height.
3. Pull yourself forward using the muscles of your upper back and biceps. Continue doing so until your hands are even with your chest.
4. Reverse the movement to lower yourself to the starting position.
5. Repeat for 5-10 reps.

Here’s a video that demonstrates the proper way to perform inverted rows.

Inverted Rows – Feet Elevated
This is a more challenging than performing inverted rows from a standing position. The difference with this exercise is that you place your feet on a bench and begin the inverted row from a horizontal position. Doing so places even more of the emphasis of the exercise on the muscles of your upper back and biceps and less on your legs.

1. Fix your TRX Suspension Trainer or rings to a horizontal bar above head height.
2. Place a bench so that when you grab onto the handles your arms and legs are both completely extended. Your body will be completely horizontal.
3. Start the exercise by pulling with your back and arms. Keep your abs, glutes, and lower back muscles tight throughout the movement.
4. Pull until your hands are even with your chest. You should be just short of a completely vertical position.
5. Reverse the movement and lower your body to the starting position.
6. Repeat for 5-10 reps.

Below is a video that shows you how to perform this style of inverted rows.

Once you have mastered these exercises and can perform 3 sets of 10 reps it’s time to move onto more difficult variations. The first is to perform the exercise with just one foot on the ground or bench if you’re doing inverted bench rows. Another way is to pull yourself up using one hand. You can also wear a weighted vest or having someone add chains or a similar weight across your shoulders for extra resistance.

Perform these exercises on alternate days as your primary back exercise. You can super set them with a chest exercise like dips or push ups for a total upper body workout.

Put 100% Into Every Set & Rep
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