John Damon’s Favorite Home Gym Equipment

Buying fitness equipment for building muscle, burning fat, and getting stronger is often confusing and difficult. With so many options it’s tough to determine what actually works and is best for your individual needs. This article series solves the problem. In it we are asking several leading personal trainers and strength coaches the question: “If you could recommend only 1 piece of fitness equipment to a client for building muscle and burning fat which would it be and why?”

Today’s answer comes from John Damon. John began his career in the fitness industry in 1991, and has been getting paid to wear sweatpants ever since. From the starlets of young Hollywood to well established actors, CEO’s, athletes, and everyone in between, John Damon’s clients span the gamut and there are no two people he trains the same. With his trademark of excellence, combined with heart and unwavering optimism, John strives to be the best hour of every client’s day. He has also contributed to national publications such as Men’s Fitness, Shape, Muscle & Fitness, US Weekly, and 944; and has been featured in the Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, LA Business Journal, Los Angeles Magazine and on local news programs in both Los Angeles and Boston. You can learn more about John at his website,

John’s Answer:
I would choose dumbbells. This is because you can use them to do almost any exercise, and I could easily create a dumbbell based metabolic circuit to build muscle and burn fat. Hopefully, you will have a little fun with them too! Dumbbells are ideal for home and gym use and they are a must-have for any home gym.

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