Learn How Workout Finishers Can Help You Lose Fat Fast!

I recently sat down with Mike Whitfield, CTT a personal trainer and creator of Workout Finishers. These workouts, which often take no more than 10 minutes to complete, are designed to help you lose fat and get into shape fast. Mike developed these workouts for his clients and used them himself to lose over 100 pounds – and keep it off – despite his often-stated love of pancakes.

In the Q&A with Mike below you’ll learn what Workout Finishers are and how they can help you, whether you too have 100 pounds to lose or just want to crank up the intensity of your current workouts.

Stayfitcentral (SFC): Please tell us about yourself and what led you developing Workout Finishers?

Mike Whitfield (MW): Sure, I am a fitness trainer from the small town of Acworth, GA and the reason I got into the fitness industry was because I was once 300 pounds. I have lost 105 pounds and have been able to keep it off and wanted to prove to the world that if a stubborn guy like me can lose weight, anyone can.

What led me to develop Workout Finishers was the fact that my clients were facing a couple of issues:

A) They couldn’t get to the machines for their interval work
B) They hated cardio and were even getting bored of intervals

So, I would write them unique and fun workout finishers for them to do after their main workout session. I was surprised that they were not only getting better results, but they enjoyed their workouts even more. That’s why I offered them to the world.

workout finishers
SFC: How did you train and diet to lose weight? Do you do the same to keep the weight off?

MW: My training was simple – I used big, compound movements and most of the time, I used total body workouts. Metabolic Resistance Training is my favorite way to work out to this day. My diet was actually the same… I kept it simple. I just removed the junk from my diet but I also rewarded myself and had the occasional cheat meal.

I still use metabolic workouts to this day and love them. I love my workouts and it helps me keep up with my 2 year old. My diet now isn’t perfect (just being honest), but I use intermittent fasting. I’ve been able to keep it off for almost 10 years now by simply being smarter with my food choices.

SFC: What are Workout Finishers?

MW: Workout Finishers are what I call the perfect workout grand finale. Most of us don’t have time for long, boring cardio and besides… it IS definitely boring. And even intervals require some time as well as equipment. However, with finishers, you can get the same results, if not better, without a lot of fancy equipment. They take just a fraction of the time that intervals or cardio take and they use a lot of muscle in a little bit of time, so you burn more calories in just a few minutes. They typically last 3-8 minutes, and they are addicting. The set and rep schemes are completely different, which makes them challenging and fun.

They are a great addition to your favorite workouts to burn more fat and blast through a plateau. Here is a sample finisher:

Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 5 minutes, resting only when needed:

Jump Squats or Total Body Extensions (5)
Close-Grip Pushups (10)
Mountain Climbers (10/side)

SFC: Is any special equipment required?

MW: The ones I write are mostly bodyweight, however some require basic equipment like dumbbells.

SFC: Are these workouts okay for people of all fitness levels (beginner to advanced)?

MW: If you are a beginner, I would use a modified version of the finisher. It’s always a good idea to cut back on volume as well. So, let’s take the finisher above. You would perhaps cut it back to 3 minutes and instead of jump squats, definitely use total body extensions, in which you do a slight squat with your hands behind you and then extend your arms above your head. Then, you could do kneeling pushups instead of normal pushups. Definitely start conservatively because these finishers are advanced :).

SFC: Do you perform these workouts instead of cardio?

MW: Yes, you definitely replace cardio with these finishers. That’s what I love about them. You remove 60 minutes of something really boring with something that lasts much shorter with better results.

SFC: Does one need to change their current workout to incorporate Workout Finishers?

MW: Another big plus is that this doesn’t replace your workout program, it enhances it. You can plug these finishers in at the end of any workout, including your favorites.

SFC: Thanks very much for taking the time Mike.

MW: Thanks for having me Curt!

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