Learn Which Piece Of Home Fitness Equipment Eric Cressey Recommends

Buying fitness equipment for building muscle, burning fat, and getting stronger is often confusing and difficult. With so many options it’s tough to determine what actually works and is best for your individual needs. This article series solves the problem.

Starting today and for the next several days we’ll publish their responses to the question: “If you could recommend only 1 piece of fitness equipment to a client for building muscle and burning fat which would it be and why?” Use the information provided in their answers to learn about different products and how they may or may not be right for your needs.

Today’s answer is provided by strength coach Eric Cressey, MS, CSCS. Eric is president and co-founder of Cressey Performance, a facility located just west of Boston, MA. A highly sought-after coach for healthy and injured athletes alike, Eric has helped athletes at all levels – from youth sports to the professional and Olympic ranks – achieve their highest levels of performance in a variety of sports. He is also the author of over 200 articles which have been featured in leading publications that includes Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, and ESPN. Eric is also an accomplished Powerlifter with a 650 lb. deadlift as a 165 lb. competitor. You can learn more about Eric by visiting his website.

Eric’s Answer:
I would keep it very simple: a barbell with weight plates. You can use it to perform deadlifts, Olympic lifts, squats, rows, overhead presses, rollouts, and a host of other exercises with an appreciable load. If you have to pick just one piece of equipment, it should open up your exercise index as wide as possible and allow you to create progressive overload.

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