Lisa Balash’s Kettlebell Workout For Men & Women

We asked personal trainer and kettlebell instructor (IKFF) Lisa Balash “what is your favorite kettlebell exercise or workout for someone who wants to lose body fat and only has 15 minutes to train?” She responded with a great program that only requires minutes of your time, a kettlebell and little bit of room. It’s great for conditioning, burning calories, building muscle, and getting stronger. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Watch the video below to see Lisa demonstrate the entire kettlebell workout for you!

Lisa Balash’s Time Saving Kettlebell Workout
Set One: 2 arm kettlebell swings (20 reps) followed by 1 arm swings (10 reps per side) followed by alternating one arm swings for 20 reps.

Rest: 30 sec-1min

Set Two: Rack the kettlebell and perform the following exercises.
10 Squats
10 Squat Push Presses (each arm)
10 Reverse lunges with each leg
10 Windmills holding the kettlebell in your overhead or bottom hand depending on strength and flexibility.

Finish the workout with bicep curls with abdominal twist and lying triceps extensions with your kettlebell.

Both sets take about 8 minutes to complete. Repeat the entire sequence as many times as you can. Doing it 2-3 will give you a great workout, even if you’re really fit.

About Lisa Balash
Lisa Balash is a IKFF certified kettlebell and Pilates instructor who’s based in Las Vegas, Nevada. She recently launched her own kettlebell workout DVD “Kettlebell Bombshell” which you can purchase on her website

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