Lose Fat And Build Muscle With Fish Oil Supplements

oximega fish oil
Another shows that taking a small amount of fish oil every day can help you lose body fat. The same dose also appears to help you increase your muscle mass too. Read on to learn how much fish oil is required to see these benefits, why it works, and which supplements we recommend using.

In this study, the subjects supplemented with either 4 grams of fish oil (2.4 grams of EPA & DHA) or the same amount of safflower oil. Each group, which consisted of men and women had their percent body fat, lean body mass, and weights taken before and after 6 weeks of supplementation. The diet and workout programs of both groups remained unchanged.

Both groups had their cortisol levels measured too. Cortisol is a hormone that’s secreted by your adrenal glands, especially when you’re stressed. Studies show that increased cortisol levels are associated with an increase in body fat.

Tests taken after 6 weeks of supplementation showed that the subjects in the fish oil group lost over a pound of body fat and gained about the same amount of muscle. The men and women who took safflower oil supplements gained body fat and lost muscle mass. Cortisol levels in the fish oil group were lower after 6 weeks of supplementation too.

The results from this study show that taking a small amount (about 4 capsules) of fish oil every day can help you lose fat and gain muscle without changing your diet or exercise routine. It appears these results are related to fish oils ability to decrease cortisol levels. Given all of the other benefits fish oil offers, these results give you even more reasons to take it every day.

If you want to lose body fat, starting with the dosage used in this study is probably a good idea. Depending on your health and body fat levels, you may need to use more. Track your body fat percentage and increase your dosage if necessary.

When buying a fish oil supplement, make sure you buy one that is tested to free of any impurities. You should also buy a product that is concentrated so that you get as much EPA and DHA, the fatty acids which give it its benefits in each capsule.

The fish oil supplement product I recommend is Controlled Labs OxiMega. Each serving has more than 1 gram of of pure EPA and DHA, the fatty acids that give fish oil its benefits. It’s orange taste and enteric coating also ensure you never experience nasty tasting fish burps that less quality products often cause.


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