Lose Weight With Circuit Training Workouts

Circuit Training workouts are an effective way to train for weight loss. When done properly, they are an intense and efficient way to really turn on your body’s fat burning furnace and keep it going for several hours. This post shows you how to do a circuit training workout for fat loss. Also included is a a video that demonstrates an effective body weight circuit workout.

Basically speaking, circuit workouts involve moving from one exercise to another with no rest between exercises. Once you compelte every exercise in the circuit you should rest and then complete the circuit again. Repeat this process until the target number of circuits are completed. When getting started, do 3-4 circuits per workout and add them as your conditioning level improves.

The most effective way to do the exercises in a circuit workout are to alternate between upper and lower body or opposing muscle groups. Doing the workout either way will allow the muscles you just trained to recover before repeating that exercise again.

When putting together your own circuit workout you should limit it to about 6 exercises and order them so the workout becomes more challenging as it progresses. You can include any type of exercise that requires your own body weight, machines, or barbells and dumbbells. Make sure the exercises you choose train the large muscle groups of your body (hamstrings, thighs, chest, and back). Exercises that target these muscles will force you to work harder, and as a result burn more calories than when you train small muscle groups, such as your biceps and triceps. This means you should do squats, push ups, chin ups, and deadlifts, not biceps curls and calf raises.

One last tip. Each exercise should be done for about 10-15 reps to help you make the workout intense and get your heart going.

Below is a video that provides a complete circuit training workout using body weight exercises. In this video, Craig Ballantyne, the developer of the Turbulence Training workout plan shows how to do a circuit style workout. You can do this workout by itself, as a warm-up before lifting weights, or after lifting or cardio to serve as a finisher to ramp up your body’s fat burning furnace.

Here are the exercises in the order in which they are done.

  • Y Squats
  • Push Ups
  • Lunges
  • Push Ups With Feet Elevated
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Mountain Climbers

You can also make this circuit workout more challenging by using dumbbells, kettlebells or wearing a weighted vest.

If you are interested in circuit training workouts designed to help you lose weight and body fat we recommend Craig’s Turbulence Training program. In it you will get several months of circuit and interval training programs that can help you lose fat fast.

You can learn more about Turbulence Training by reading the interview we did with Craig Ballantyne.

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