MCT Oil, Ketosis And How They Go Together

Using MCT oil for ketosis has many benefits. It will help you reach this fat burning, energy boosting state known as nutritional ketosis faster and easier with far less hassle than doing so with diet alone.

What Is Pure MCT Oil?

The reason MCT Oil is great for nutritional ketosis is that you’ll get into ketosis much faster. Instead of taking days or even weeks to start producing significant amounts of ketones, it only takes an hour or so.

By significantly decreasing this time, you’ll also avoid feeling the symptoms of the dreaded low carb flu. These symptoms range from extreme fatigue and brain fog to nausea and achy joints. They last anywhere from a day or two to a couple of weeks and occur while your body if making the switch from being a sugar to a fat burning machine.

What Is MCT Oil?

This fat, harvested from coconuts and found in small amounts in other foods are formally referred to as medium chain triglycerides. There called medium chain due to the number of Carbon atoms that make up each molecule.

There are 4 type of MCTs. The 2 that matter the most for ketosis are capric and caprylic acid. They provide the greatest ketone producing power of the 4 and should be the sole ingredients of any MCT supplement you take.

Other benefits of MCT Oil that only uses capric and caprylic acids is that it’s tasteless and odorless. This makes it great to add to shakes and foods since it won’t affect your foods flavor. They’re also liquid at room temperature and stable enough to be used for cooking at moderately high temperatures.

Last but certainly not least, since they are used immediately by our liver to make ketones, MCTs aren’t stored as body fat. This benefit is why they are so popular with those of us who want to get lean without starving or following a low fat diet.

How Does MCT Oil Work?

After you take a spoonful, these fats end up being digested differently than most. This is what makes them unique and gives MCTs their unique, ketone boosting benefits.

What happens is that instead of going through the normal digestive processes, MCTs are quickly shuttled from the small intestines directly to your liver. Here they are used to make ketones. These are the compounds that when released into your bloodstream are used for instant energy and help you get into nutritional ketosis.

How Does MCT Oil Help Me With Ketosis?

Taking MCT oil when your eating low carb to lose fat and improve your health helps you by making the transition from using carbohydrates (sugar) to fat for your energy needs easier.

So, instead of feeling sick while you’re waiting for your body to fully turn itself on using stored body fat for fuel and get into ketosis, they help bridge the gap, increasing the amount of ketones available almost immediately.

This means that instead awful you’ll feel alert and energetic. Much more than so than when you’re eating a higher carb diet too.

You’ll also notice that your cravings for carbohydrate rich foods like cookies, soda, pasta, bread, etc. also go away. This too is a benefit of being in nutritional ketosis via diet and MCT Oil.

MCT Oil Helps Once You’re In Nutritional Ketosis Too

Even once your there, humming along and using ketones and your extra body fat for energy, it’s still helpful.

This is because MCT oil helps your body make even more ketones on top of those it’s doing on its own. As a result, you have more available to use as energy. Going ‘deeper’ into nutritional ketosis can also further improve the benefits you see from mental and physical energy, your mood and even a further decrease in appetite and cravings for high carb and processed foods.

Additionally, the MCTs you take can also make it easier to stay in fat burning mode without having to worry as much about how many carbs, protein, and fat your eating. This doesn’t mean you can become a vacuum for doughnuts and pizza, but that you needn’t worry so much if you have a piece of bread or tortilla at dinner.

MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them

How Much MCT Oil Do You Need For Ketosis?

Unless you’re eating this way to prevent seizures or another medical condition, you probably don’t need to replace ½ your daily calorie with MCTs as conditions like epilepsy sometimes require.

Like I write in this article, you’ll most likely only need to take 1-3 tablespoons a day. This is typically enough, especially if your eating less than 50 or so grams of carbohydrates a day and getting plenty of fats and protein.

Remember that your mileage may vary. Test out different amounts to see what works best for you. I personally find that 3 tablespoons work best for me. I take 1 before I workout first thing in the morning and 2 more when I eat dinner.

How Should I Take MCTs For Ketosis?

Start slow if your body isn’t used to MCTs. Taking too much at first may give you an upset stomach. While it passes, it’s easy enough to avoid altogether.

Most experts recommend starting out with 1 teaspoon at a time. Wait for an hour to see how you feel. If your stomach isn’t bothered by the first dose, take another teaspoon. Repeat this process a third time.

Once you’ve taken 3 teaspoons you’re on your way as this equals 1 tablespoon. Slowly increase the amount you’re taking by ½-1 teaspoon at a time until you can take an entire tablespoon without any negative side effects.

As soon as you’re able to take a tablespoon at a time, you can then start taking another serving. I recommend starting this one off at 1 teaspoon and increasing the same way over a week or so.

The best MCT Oil - MCT Edge
Our recommendation for the best MCT Oil -MCT Edge

Which MCT Oil Is The Best?

The supplement that my wife and I both use is MCT Edge. It’s a pure, pharmaceutical grade, sustainably sourced oil that we spent more than a year developing.

I believe in it so much that I proudly say it’s the best MCT Oil on the market.

Every tablespoon gives your body nothing but 2 medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) – capric and caprylic acids – that are the best at increasing ketone levels. Other products often contain other fats like lauric acid but they don’t help you get into nutritional ketosis faster and decrease the amount of capric and caprylic acids you get in a serving.

MCT Edge is tasteless and odorless which makes it great to take right off a spoon or added to your coffee, shakes, and favorite foods.

In addition to taking it on an empty stomach, I also add it to our daily meal to help keep us in ketosis even if we eat a few extra tortillas.

Click here to learn more about MCT Edge.


Now you know how MCT Oil can be used for ketosis. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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