MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them

MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them
MCT Oil has side effects. We share here how to avoid them

MCT Oil is a very powerful nutritional supplement. It can help you lose weight, boost your energy, crush cravings, and make it easier to get your body to burn fat for fuel.

Like most anything, even water, can have side effects you’d rather avoid. Fortunately, there are ways to get around them make taking your MCTs, hassle free.

In this article I’ll describe the possible side effects of MCT oil. I’ll also tell you how to avoid them.

My wife and I follow these tips everyday. Neither of us experience any negative side effects.

Being able to take 2 or tablespoons every day without any hassle has helped me a ton. MCT Oil has helped me lose 70 pounds of fat and get back into great shape. Of course, I also had to give up sugar but the MCTs have helped curb those cravings!

Regularly taking MCT Oil also helped me avoid the low carb flu, get past my sugar addiction faster, and allowed me the mental stamina to focus and get things done! Fasting has played a role in my increasing health, lasting anywhere from 18-20 hours between meals. Again, MCT Oil has helped control my appetite during these fasts.

After reading this article you’ll know what you need to do to make sure you avoid or minimize the negative side effects that can occur when you take MCT Oil.

You’ll also know how to optimize your supplementation to maximize the good side effects, or benefits of it too.

Possible Side Effect Of MCT Oil

1. Stomach Aches & ‘Disaster Pants’

MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them
An MCT Oil side effect are stomach aches and disaster pants

The most common negative side effect of this supplement is an upset stomach. This is usually pretty mild but can sometimes also cause diarrhea, cramps, and nausea.

These things can occur because of the way MCT oil is digested by our body. Unlike the other fat and foods you eat, MCTs are digested much faster. They skip part of the process so they can quickly be put to use as energy and ketone creators.

Until your body gets used to them, MCT oil can cause an upset stomach. Fortunately, we usually adapt to them quickly. The tips in this article can also minimize or help you avoid them entirely.

Don’t let this scare you. You’re not very likely to projectile vomit after your first serving of MCTs. I didn’t follow the advice in this article and never had more than a slight upset stomach.

However, my wife has a very sensitive stomach and she definitely feels nauseas! Her solution has been to take it after ingesting a teaspoon of butter or almond butter. Otherwise, she’ll take only one teaspoon.

2. Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency

MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them
Eat plenty of other fats to avoid MCT Oil side effects

Don’t panic. As long as you’re eating lots of fatty meats (steak, fish) and other types of fats regularly, there isn’t anything to worry about.

This risk applies if you’re using MCT oil as the sole source of fats in your diet. If you’re doing this, make sure it’s under the care of a doctor with experience implementing strict ketogenic diets. Ask them what to do to avoid this potential problem.

If you’re just taking a couple of tablespoons or less of MCTs to benefit your health, make sure you get your essential fats by eating the foods mentioned in tip number (4) below and you should be fine. Better off than most people since most of us get too many bad fats in our diet (vegetable oils) and not enough of the good ones.

How To Avoid The Bad Side Effects Of MCT Oil

1.Start Off Slowly

MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them
To avoid MCT Oil side effects, start with half teaspoon

The best way to avoid stomach aches and loose bowels, is to start out slowly. Begin by taking ½ teaspoon and see how you feel after 45-60 minutes.

If you feel okay, take another ½ teaspoon. Repeat this process until you’ve reached your dose for the day.

Once you can do this with no problems, start with a teaspoon at a time. Shortly thereafter, you’ll be able to work up to taking a tablespoon in a single serving with no problems.

2. Take Your MCTs With Food

MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them
Take your MCT Oil with food to avoid side effects

Another way to minimize or avoid an upset stomach when your body is initially getting used to MCT Oil, is to take it with food.

Since it’s tasteless and odorless, you can drizzle it over or blend it into pretty much anything you eat. I find it to be a flavor enhancer. You can also cook with MCT oil. Just don’t allow it to smoke in the pan. This can damage the special fats in MCTs and make them worthless.

I personally like to mix it into guacamole and drizzle it over our steak and eggs at dinner. Doing this completely eliminates any upset stomach. This is especially true for my wife, who is more sensitive to it than me. I put up to two tablespoons of MCT Oil in the guacamole at times, and she experiences no side effects!

3. Use A High Quality, Tested MCT Oil

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While I still think you should start slowly, using a product that uses the best ingredients and manufacturing methods can really help you minimize negative side effects and maximize MCT oils benefits.

Here are a few guidelines to use when shopping for MCT oil. You can read more in this article here.

Make sure your MCT Oil is quality and says pharmaceutical grade on the label.

  • Pharmaceutical grade MCT Oil ensures the quality is checked and certified.
  • Choose a product that only uses the 2 most effective MCTs – capric & caprylic acid.
  • Your MCT oil should be processed without using any potentially harmful chemicals.
  • The only ingredient on the label should be medium chain triglycerides.

One supplement that has all of the qualities listed above is MCT Edge. It’s our own formulation that we worked on for months to get exactly right for me, my family and anyone who uses it!

Every serving of MCT Edge provides you with an effective serving of capric and caprylic Acids, the MCTs that will give your more energy, reduce cravings and hunger, and help your body start burning fat for its fuel. This means there will be less around your belly, especially when you eat right and workout consistently.

You can learn more about MCT Edge here.

MCT Oil Side Effects – How To Avoid Them
Eat lots of healthy fats
Eat Lots Of Other Fats Too

This is a great tip to follow whether you take MCT Oil or not. Different fats have their own benefits and contain nutrients that also benefit your health.

Here are a few fatty foods that are loaded with healthy fats and other nutrients

  • Fatty fish – anchovies, salmon, sardines
  • Red meat – especially fatty cuts like rib eye
  • Pork – bacon, pork chops, ribs, shoulder
  • Nut butters – almond and coconut

You can also supplement your diet with these fats if you have trouble getting enough from your diet. We take a fish oil supplement every day for this purpose.

Remember, fats are great for your health. Even saturated fats are beneficial. The only type you want to avoid as much as possible are vegetable/grain based oils (canola, etc.) and trans fats like margarine, not butter, margarine.

I get about 60% of my daily calories from fat and am in the best shape of my life. My blood values are great as is my overall health and fitness. I train hard with weights every day along with regular surfing, hiking, and cycling. My focus while working has greatly improved.
My wife says my hair is less gray and thicker. My nails grow faster than at any other time in my life.


Following the tips in this article will help you reduce or greatly minimize the side effects of MCT oil. They make it easy to take this awesome fat every day so you can lose weight, feel energized, and reach your optimal heath and fitness goals faster.

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