Personal Trainer Jimmy Smith’s Favorite Fat Loss Supplement

Choosing a fat loss supplement is tricky. Most don’t work very well or make you feel jittery and nervous because they contain stimulants like caffeine. Other don’t contain enough of the active ingredients. I recently asked personal trainer and fat loss expert Jimmy Smith what’s his favorite supplement for cutting fat fast. Keep reading for his choice.

Jimmy’s Answer:
The best product for men and women who want to lose weight is fish oil. We’ve all heard about its benefits for improving cardiovascular health but it can also help you lose weight and reduce your body fat. All without the negative side effects many weight loss supplements produce.

Fish Oil For Weight Loss
One of the ways fish oil helps with weight loss is by increasing the sensitivity of our muscle cells to insulin. This enables them to store more carbohydrates in our muscles and prevent them from being stored as fat. Start with 6 grams of combined EPA/DHA per day. You can determine how much is in a serving and how many capsules you’ll need to take by reading the EPA and DHA values on the label of your fish oil supplement.

About Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS is a trainer and nutrition consultant with experience with hockey players, physique athletes and mixed martial artists. He helps people learn how to get big on his website. You can also follow Jimmy on Facebook and Twitter.

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