primaforce bhb

Primaforce BHB Review

Primaforce BHB Review

Once you’re in nutritional ketosis, the benefits are awesome. Increased physical and mental energy, more endurance for your workouts, and no more cravings for sugar rich foods are just a few.

The only problem is that getting into and staying in nutritional ketosis can be tough. Even when you’re eating right every day. This is especially true during the first month or so when you may be suffering from the keto flu that affects many of us.

A great way to get into nutritional ketosis faster and keep the keto flu from affecting you is to use a keto supplement (rename). These products contain ingredients that are the building blocks of ketones (?). Taking them increases the amounts of ketones in your bloodstream very quickly and helps you experience nutritional ketosis benefits quickly.

This article reviews a keto supplement called Primaforce BHB. My wife and I tested it on ourselves over the last couple of weeks to help you learn if it’s good for you.

What Is Primaforce BHB?

This supplement is what’s commonly referred to an exogenous ketone powder. Every serving provides 6 grams of a compound called BHB which is short for beta hydroxybutarate. BHB is made by our bodies to be used as a source of energy when carbohydrates aren’t available such as when you’re fasting or following a ketogenic diet. It’s the most prevalent ketone body in our bloodstream and can be used for energy by our brain, heart, muscles, and other organs.

Unlike other products that also add in other ingredients including B vitamins and caffeine, Primaforce BHB keeps it simple. While these nutrients have benefits of their own, they don’t help you get or stay in nutritional ketosis.

By keeping it simple, this supplement helps you increase blood levels of ketones quickly without wasting your money on unnecessary ingredients.

The type of BHB used in this supplement is different from the normal stuff. It’s called GoBHB and is a combination of 3 different forms of beta hydroxybutyrate (sodium, potassium, and magnesium). These individual compounds, also called salts have two purposes.

The first is to give your body a rapidly assimilated source of ketones that your body can use for instant energy. The second is that it helps you get an additional source of electrolytes (sodium, potassium, and magensium) which are minerals that critical for our health and optimal performance. We tend to lose these minerals at an increased rate when following a ketogenic diet, especially in the first few weeks so it’s awesome that this supplement helps us get more.

My Experience With Primaforce BHB

Great ingredients, formulation, and taste are all well and good but what matters most is whether or not the supplement in question actually provides you with its intended benefits.

I tested and measured the effectiveness of this supplement in a few ways.

The first was to see if drinking a serving helped my produce more ketones. I determined this using Keto sticks that I bought from Walgreens.

These are sticks that you urinate on to see if what amount of ketones you’re excreting in your urine.

Before testing I made sure I wasn’t already in ketosis by eating a lot of carbs the day before. I think measured this in a pre-drink test.

I then drank a serving of Primaforce BHB and waited for the urge to pee. Once I did about 45 minutes later I again measured my ketones.

As you can see in the picture below, taking Primaforce BHB changed my ketone levels from non-existent to moderate in less than an hour. That’s pretty awesome!

I also measured how it works based upon other factors including my mental and physical energy and appetite. Taking a 2 scoop serving gave me a boost in energy within about an hour. My mood was great as was my mental focus. Hunger and cravings were almost nonexistent.

These benefits lasted for a couple of hours. I didn’t become tired or hungry afterwards. I just felt normal, with good energy, etc.

While I didn’t feel super hungry or tired beforehand, I did notice a big difference after drinking a serving. I normally fight pretty intense cravings in the morning. Primaforce BHB pretty much eliminated them.

My endurance and mental focus seem enhanced too. As is my mood which went from feeling pretty crappy and hungover from yesterday’s carb binge. An hour after drinking this BHB drink I feel focused, energetic, and about the same as when I’m following my normal ketogenic/one meal a day diet plan.

The only negative side effect I experienced was a slightly upset stomach. This was when I had my first drink. I used 2 scoops since I’m patient. I cut back to 1 for my next serving and had no problems. Within a week I was able to drink 2 scoops a day without any negative side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does Primaforce BHB Work?

As I write above, this supplement works by increasing the amounts of ketones in your bloodstream very quickly. The high energy compounds are then used by your brain, muscles, etc. as a source of instant energy instead of glucose.

Within 45 minutes or so after drinking a serving you will be able to see and feel its effects.

This means that you will have more energy, feel mentally energized and more focused, and won’t crash after an hour or two as you may after eating high carb foods like pasta, rice, or bread.

2. Who Should Take Primaforce BHB?

This supplement is great for all of us who are following a low carbohydrate or ketogenic diet. It can help us overcome the side effects of the keto flu, stay in ketosis if we eat to many carbs, and feel and perform our best at work and in the gym.

Even if you aren’t following a low carbohydrate diet, taking this supplement can help give you an mental and physical boost that lasts for several hours, without a crash like you get from carbs or caffeine.

I personally take it before workouts which includes either weights, sprints, surfing, or Brazilian jiu jitsu. It enables me to push harder for 60+ minutes without taking in any carbs pre-workout. It definitely gives me an extra gear without

3. When Should You Take Primaforce BHB?

You can take the supplement at various times of the day, depending on your personal goals and needs.

Below is a list of when I’ve found it to be most effective.

Pre-workout – improved endurance and focus
Before work – helps with concentration and focus
During a fast – decreases cravings, boosts energy and mood
After a meal – to help you stay in nutritional ketosis
Between meals – to decrease hunger/cravings

It’s also really good to drink daily when you’re first starting a low carbohydrate/ketogenic diet. Primaforce BHB will help prevent or at the least diminish the moodiness, hunger, cravings, and generally crappy way you may feel when your body is transitioning from being a sugar to fat burning machine.

4. How Does Primaforce BHB Taste?

I was sent a canister of the fruit punch and mango flavors by Primaforce for this review. Both flavors taste really good to both me and my wife.

This was the first BHB Supplement I’ve tried and I have to admit I was a little nervous about its taste at first. I’d heard from others that ketone Supplement taste horrible. Like make you want to gag bad. Plus I’m not normally a fan of artificially sweetened drinks.

The mango flavor is my favorite of the two I tried. It’s not too sweet and has a nice orange-mango-tropical fruit flavor. There’s a little bit of an aftertaste but it faded pretty quickly.

The patriot punch flavor is also good. So good I drank it every day once the mango flavor was finished. It’s a little sweeter but tastes as advertised. Like the mango flavor it’s aftertaste is pretty mild and doesn’t stick with you too long.

Both powders mix easily with water in a shaker bottle.

5. How Should You Take Primaforce BHB?

The recommended dosage is 1 scoop mixed with water. My personal experience finds that this dosage produces great results with very little, if any stomach discomfort.

If you like, you can work up to 2 scoops per drink. Do this over a week or more to avoid getting an upset stomach.