What Is Pure MCT Oil?

What Does Pure MCT Oil Mean

Pure MCT Oil
What does ‘pure’ MCT Oil mean?

Any supplements you take, including MCT Oil needs to be pure. This means it’s free if contaminants, fillers, and any other type of potentially harmful or needless ingredient.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. There are many products on the market that claim to be ‘pure’ that aren’t. They contain fillers you don’t need, like sugar or use ingredients from China that may or may not be tested for its purity. It may not even contain the ingredients you want in either.

Don’t worry. It’s not too hard to find an MCT oil that is tested for its purity and doesn’t contain any worthless ingredients.

After reading this article, you’ll know exactly what to look for to ensure the product you buy is the best for you and your health. I promise that it’s a quick, informational, and interesting read.

Okay, enough doom and gloom about impurities in our supplements. Let’s get on with discovering how to identify and buy the purest MCTs available.

What Makes A Pure MCT Oil Supplement?

Pure MCT Oil - What It Is And How To Find It
Pure MCT Oil – Read the ingredients to make sure there are no fillers

1. MCT Oil is the only ingredient

Since you want as many energy boosting, fat burning medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) per serving as possible, your supplement shouldn’t contain anything but medium chain triglycerides.

Many products add other ingredients, touting their benefits but don’t be fooled. They’re usually added to drive up the price of the product. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help you since the MCTs you want and need, should be 100% pure to get the most benefit.

When shopping for MCT oil, you can check that it’s the only ingredient by reading the Supplement Facts label. The only thing that should be listed is MCT Oil or medium chain triglycerides.

2. Pure MCT Oil Is Tested to be Free of Impurities

Pure MCT Oil
Pure MCT Oil is tested for impurities

Now that you know what ingredients to look for let’s move onto the next criteria, product testing. The MCT oil you buy should be tested for impurities before and after it’s bottled. This helps to ensure that you’re not taking any potentially harmful substances with your MCTs.

You can check to see if your product is tested for its purity by contacting the company. They’re also likely to have it listed somewhere on the label or in their marketing materials such as the product’s description on their website. Do the latter first to save yourself time.

3. Pure MCT Oil Contains No Added Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners.

Giving a supplement a flavor, color, or adding sweeteners is okay when, in its natural state, it tastes or looks so bad, it’s just inedible.

Fish oil is a great example. The orange scent and flavor of a product like Oximega Fish Oil capsules, that make it much easier to swallow because it doesn’t smell like the ocean at low tide. The strong smell can be a trigger for some, and then they never take fish oil supplements!

This isn’t true for MCT oil. Since it’s tasteless and odorless, you don’t need a flavor to be added. It literally tastes like nothing when you drink it, by itself, from a spoon. There’s also no aftertaste. It doesn’t have any scent. All supplements should be this easy to take!

Here’s a cool aside about the taste and smell of MCT oil. it actually enhances the flavor of foods to which it’s added. My favorite recipe to include it in, is guacamole. It doesn’t change the flavor, but instead makes it taste better, smoother, and creamier.

4. Pure MCT Oil Should Say Pharmaceutical Grade On The Label

Another way to ensure your MCT supplement is pure is to check to make sure the oil in the bottle is pharmaceutical grade.

This is usually listed near the ingredients section of a product’s label.

What Does Pharmaceutical Grade Mean?

When an MCT supplement has ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ on its label, it signifies many things that are important to all of us who want to optimize our health. I’ve listed them below for you.

  • The product is tested by a 3rd party and found to be at least 99% pure.
  • The facility where the MCT oil is made is regularly inspected by a 3rd party.
  • Random samples of the MCT oil are taken to ensure consistent quality control and product purity over time.

Making a nutritional supplement pharmaceutical grade is costly for the manufacturer but vital to our health. Always make sure your MCT meets this standard.

Which Fats In Pure MCT Oil Are Most Effective?

Pure MCT Oil
Check that the Pure MCT Oil contains the most effective ones

1. Choose An MCT Oil That Only Contains ‘Effective’ MCTs

Don’t neglect this tip if you want to ensure the product you use will give the benefits you desire. If you’re new to taking MCT oil supplements you may not know that there are 4 different MCTs.

Each has their unique characteristics. In terms of doing the most for our health (energy, focus, weight loss, gut health, etc.) there are MCTs that you want in your supplement and some that you don’t.

Let’s focus on those we want in our product. They are named capric and caprylic acid. These are the types of MCTs that produce the most bang for their buck when it comes to benefits we’re looking for from MCTs.

A product containing the other 2 fats will only decrease the amount of benefit you get since there will be less capric and caprylic acid in each serving.

They are also tasteless and odorless, unlike the other 2 MCTs which taste and smell pretty awful.

Choose An MCT Oil With No Lauric Acid

Here’s another fat that often shows up in MCT oil supplements. Lauric acid, which is also a medium chain triglyceride, is found in coconut oil. It has it’s own benefits but does not enable our body to make more, of the energy boosting ketones, we’re looking for. Adding it to MCT oil will also decrease the amount of capric and caprylic acids. These are the two medium chain triglycerides that support focus and energy!If you’re now wondering about how the benefits of MCT Oil compare to coconut oil, you can read more about that here.

The reasons companies add lauric acid to their MCT oil, is mainly for marketing purposes. Since coconut oil has become very popular, and contains lauric acid, adding it to the ingredients list, may lead you to believe the product is better for your health. This isn’t the case since it actually reduces the amounts of the MCTs we want.

The benefits of Lauric Acid are disputed, at best. Some experts argue that it does not act like a medium chain triglyceride, but more like a long chain triglyceride, due to its structure. In plain English, this means that it’s not as useful to our health as capric and caprylic acid.

We know, through research, that capric and carylic acids digest fast, go straight to the liver and skip the stomach, and help us, naturally, produce more energy!

Other Things To Consider When You Buy MCT Oil

A few additional things to ensure you’re getting the best MCT Oil available.

1. Make sure it’s sustainably sourced

This means that the coconuts grown and used to make your MCT oil are grown on land that’s been farmed properly for over 20 years. It helps protect the land, animals and indigenous farmers who grow the coconuts and palm trees.

2. Choose a product that comes in a dark glass bottle

While it may be less expensive, plastic is no good for a supplement like MCT oil. When left to sit on the shelf, the oil in the bottle will cause it to become disfigured.

When it swells the bottle will leak and leave you with a mess to clean up. Glass will keep your MCT fresh and in its bottle.

Our Favorite Product

Buy Now MCT Edge Oil
Now that you know what makes an MCT oil pure, it’s time to learn what product meets these claims.

MCT Edge, which is our own product meets all of the requirements listed in this article.

You may think I’m biased for choosing our own product. Maybe I am, but it is 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, manufactured in the good ole U.S.A and a great overall value. All the requirements I’ve elaborated on in this article, I used as criteria for making this product.

My family uses it, everyday! I would never allow a supplement into the house (or on this website) without plenty of research, looking for safety, quality and effectiveness!

Every bottle has 73 servings. Each provides 14 grams of capric and caprylic acid, the types of MCTs that are most effective for fat loss, energy and several more natural benefits of MCTs.

You also get a beautiful glass bottle, taste and scent free oil that is pharmaceutical grade. No filler, no crazy claims, nothing but 100% pure MCT oil.

Visit this page to learn more about MCT Edge.

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