Raspberry Ketones – Is Dr. Oz’s Weight Loss Miracle Claim Correct?

Dr. Oz recently stated that raspberry ketones, the compound that makes raspberries smell so good are “the number one miracle in a bottle” for weight loss. While there is research that shows it may be able to help you lose weight, reality regarding who it’s good for and the amount you have to take for them to work should make Dr. Oz re-evaluate the research before he speaks again.

What the research – one small study – actually finds is that raspberry ketones can help mice lose weight. The way they appear to work is by increasing the release of the mice’s stored body fat and using it as energy. The mice were given up to 2% of their total calories in raspberry ketones. Unfortunately, there are some big problems with this study as it relates to humans and weight loss.

The first problem with this study, and Dr. Oz should say so is that the only research done so far uses mice, not humans. Sure, we’re both mammals, and research using mice can suggest a benefit for humans but it’s certainly not definitive. The second problem is the amount of raspberry ketones used. Taking a similar amount will require you to take about a half bottle of the leading raspberry ketone supplement every day. This means you’ll have to swallow about 30 capsules per serving. It’s not cheap at this amount either. Every dose will cost you about $10.00. Since we don’t know if they even work for us humans, whether you’ll lose a pound is pure speculation. All you’re likely to lose is your money.

There are certainly better ways to lose weight. Regarding supplements, research shows that 2 grams (1.5 teaspoons) of fish oil supplements can help you lose weight (about 2 lbs. a month) and build muscle. Taking branch chain amino acids can help you lose weight too. Some other strategies that will work better than taking handfuls of raspberry ketone capsules include eating a low carbohydrate diet, intermittent fasting, and performing intense strength training exercises like kettlebell swings.

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