Stayfitcentral’s MusclePharm Z-Core PM Review

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Getting a great night of sleep is one of the best things you can do to help ensure optimal health and achieve your fitness goals. Whether you want to feel refreshed and energetic, lose fat, build muscle, or set a new PR in the gym, sound, restful sleep is key.

One of my favorite supplements for getting a great nights sleep is the zinc and magnesium blend ZMA. I’ve taken it for years and always get a great night’s sleep when I do. This is because the highly absorbed form of magnesium it contains really helps me relax and doze off. The type of zinc it uses is the best way to replace what you lose during your workout so you can put 100% into every workout.

Most ZMA supplements on the market are pretty much the same. They usually contain the same amounts of zinc and magnesium aspartate and B vitamins. MusclePharm is the first company that has take it to the next level with Z-Core PM. Like other supplements it contains zinc, magnesium aspartate and B vitamins.

They do this by including several additional nutrients to help you sleep better and recover faster from your workouts.

MusclePharm Z Core PM Review
Here’s the ingredient list and their benefits to explain what I mean. After reading it I think that, like me, you’ll make the switch from regular ZMA to Z-Core PM.

B Vitamins – Replaces what you lose during exercise to help you stay healthy. They’re also required for protein synthesis, the process by which your body repairs and builds new muscle post-workout.

Copper – A mineral that works with zinc to help your body produce muscle building, libido boosting testosterone.

Fenugreek – This herbal extract can help your body produce more testosterone naturally. It then helps boost your sex drive, gives you more energy, and makes building muscle and losing fat easier. In one study, college age, fit men increased their testosterone levels and decreased their body fat after taking fenugreek for 4 weeks and following a 4 day a week weight training program. They also showed significant changes in their fitness level and muscle mass compared to a group taking a placebo supplement.

Magnesium – As I mention above, this mineral helps promote relaxation so you sleep better at night, even if you’re still charged up from your pre-workout energy boosters.

Melatonin – Adding this to Z-Core PM ensures you will fall asleep quickly and sleep
soundly all night long.

Zinc – Your body uses up lots of it during exercise. Zinc is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system and produce testosterone. You must have both, healthy immune system and naturally producing testosterone  if you want to build muscle, get stronger, and have a lean physique. The zinc in this formula replaces what you lose.

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How To Take Z-Core PM
You’re likely to experience the best results by taking it about 20-30 minutes before bed. Once you go to bed, don’t read or watch TV. Keep the lights off, relax and close your eyes.  The supplements can then kick in and do their job, putting you to sleep quickly.

Since it contains ingredients that will help you fall asleep pretty quickly, you only want to to take it when you plan on sleeping for at least 6 hours.

MusclePharm recommends that men take 1-2 capsules and women supplement with 1 tablet per serving.

What Does It Cost?
A bottle of Z-Core PM costs $19.49 in our online store. This is $10.50 off the regular retail price. At our price, your daily cost is $.32 per serving if you take 2 caps daily, and $.16 if you’re going to take 1 a day.

Who Should Take Z-Core PM?
Since getting a good night’s sleep is important for all of us, this is a great supplement for all of us. Whether you are a guy or girl, pro athlete, Crossfit devotee, or something in between, it can help you! Especially if you have trouble getting a good nights rest. Even if you tend to sleep well, the ingrdients in Z-Core PM may be able to help you boost your health, lose fat, and build muscle a little faster.

How can Z-Core PM help you achieve your fitness goals? Tell us in the comments below!

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