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met rx bcaa 5000
Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are often referred to as the ‘building blocks’ of muscle. This is because they are what turn on the muscle building process in our bodies. Since our body cannot make them we need to get them from food or nutritional supplements. The more you exercise and push your body, the more you need.

The best way to get BCAAs is from nutritional supplements. A good BCAA supplement makes it simple to get 5 or more grams in seconds. Plus there’s no need to worry about eating too many calories and spoiling your diet. All you have to do is add a scoop to water, mix, and drink.

My favorite branched chain amino acid supplement is Met-Rx BCAA 5000. I’ve been using for a few months after switching over from another product that cost more and didn’t mix as well. The results so far exceed my expectations. In this article I’ll tell you why, covering everything, including their benefits, taste, cost, and more.

How Many BCAAs Are In Each Serving?
Every 1 scoop serving contains 5 grams of branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). I really like the fact that it contains more leucine than the other 2 BCAAs since this is the most important of the 3 and the one you want to get the most of every day.

Every serving also contains vitamin B6. This helps the BCAAs do their job, especially when it comes to building muscle and decreasing post-workout soreness.

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How Met-Rx BCAA 5000 Can Help You
You get more benefits from BCAA 5000 than you do most supplements with 5 times the number of ingredients. I’ve listed its key benefits below so you can see for yourself why I and so many others consider it to be an indispensable supplement.

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  • Taking a BCAA supplement makes it easier to lose and keep off fat.
  • Taking BCAA supplements between meals can reduce cravings for sugar-rich foods.
  • Taking BCAA supplements before and even during your workout will help you exercise harder, longer.
  • Taking a BCAA supplement post-workout will help decrease muscle soreness.
  • Taking a BCAA supplement can help you recover from workouts and build muscle faster.
  • Taking a BCAA supplement can help men increase their testosterone levels.
  • Taking a BCAA supplement between meals can improve your mood and give you a boost of energy.

    How Much Does Met-RX BCAA 5000 Cost?
    A 46 serving can of BCAA 5000 costs $22.67 in our online store, almost $20.00 off the regular retail price. You can’t beat the price. This works out to just $.49 per 1 scoop serving.

    How Does BCAA 5000 Taste?
    Unlike most BCAA supplements, which taste bitter and overly sweetened with artifical flavors, this one tastes great. It comes in 3 flavors: blue raspberry, plain, and watermelon. The blue raspberry has a tangy, fruity flavor. Plain is pretty flavorless and slightly bitter in drink water, you can’t taste it in your protein shakes. Watermelon, my favorite, has a mild flavor that makes it really refreshing post-workout.

    If you like to avoid artificial sweeteners, the plain flavor is your best bet since it doesn’t have any added. While the other 2 do, neither has the nasty, overly sweet taste many BCAA powders have.

    How Much Should I Take?
    The amount you should take depends on how much you weight. The heavier you are, the more you need to take. A good rule of thumb is that if you weigh 150 pounds of less it’s best to take 5 grams (1 scoop) per serving. If you weigh more than 150 pounds, take 2 scoops.

    When Should I Take Met Rx BCAA 5000?
    The best times to take this supplement are about 15-30 minutes before and immediately after your workout. Taking it at these times will give you plenty of energy during your workout, decrease post-workout soreness, and help you recover faster.

    Another time I like to take it is between meals, especially when I’m cutting carbs and calories to lose fat. Drinking 5-10 grams at this time really helps reduce my cravings, keeps me feeling full, and even boosts my energy levels until my next meal. Drinking it between meals may also help keep your body in an anabolic or muscle-building state throughout the day.

    You can buy Met-Rx BCAA 5000 from our online store.

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