Study Finds EAS Muscle Armor Has Muscle Building Benefits

EAS Muscle Armor

We previously published an article that found HMB to not be an effective supplement for building muscle or increasing upper or lower body strength. Another study, published this month in Medicine and Science In Sports and Exercise shows that HMB when combined with other nutrients and under the right conditions can be of benefit for building muscle, strength, and improving recovery after your workout.

In this study Dr. William Kraemer and colleagues split 17 healthy men into 2 groups: one took EAS Muscle Armor , a supplement that contains HMB, l-glutamine, arginine, and taurine and another took a placebo. Both groups lifted weights for 12 weeks following an intense, periodized training program. Tests were performed before, during, and after the study to measure the possible effects Muscle Armor and placebo supplement had on the subjects muscular strength and power and muscle mass. Blood tests were performed throughout the study to see how Muscle Armor may affect specific hormones and biochemicals that play a role in muscle building and recovery post workout.

Post-study analysis finds that while both groups increased their strength, power, and muscle mass, the group taking Muscle Armor made significantly greater improvements than the placebo group. Also, blood tests show that the group supplementing with Muscle Armor increased their resting testosterone and growth hormone levels which play key roles in muscle building. Blood markers that are used to measure muscle breakdown from a workout were also lower in the Muscle Armor group.

These results show that if you are lifting weights and training hard, Muscle Armor can help you get stronger and build muscle. While the exact mechanism is not made clear in this study it is evident that HMB when taken with glutamine, arginine, and taurine can be useful. It’s benefits appear to be due to the supplements ability to positively affect muscle bulding hormones and reduce muscle damage following an intense workout.

Based on the results of this study it appears that when you are lifting weights and working out really hard EAS Muscle Armor is worth giving a try. It may be a supplement to save for using when you are lifting weights really hard every day or doing 2 a day workouts. When you are in more or a maintenance mode, you may not benefit as much from Muscle Armor.

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