Our Review Of Optimum 100% Casein Protein

Optimum 100% Casein
If you want a protein shake that will keep you full for several hours and give your muscles the amino acids they need, you need to look no further than Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein. Unlike other products that contain a mere sprinkling, this protein powder contains nothing but the best type of casein in every scoop. This enables you to get the most from this proteins unique benefits.

In this review you will learn how it 100% Casein’s benefits and how to get the most from every shake you drink.

Nothing But The Highest Quality Casein
The casein it contains isn’t cheap stuff that’s used to make paint but micellar casein, which many experts consider to be the best. The reason for this is that it takes the longest to digest, has the largest amount of healthy amino acids and contains special nutrients called bio-active peptides. These special proteins can help you fell full longer between meals, increase the time it takes for your body to digest food, and help you better absorb minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and zinc.

How 100% Casein Benefits You
What makes micellar casein so great for these things is that it’s digested very slowly, often over a period of 5-7 hours. Whey protein, in comparison digests quickly, usually within an hour after you drink a shake. This is why whey is better to drink before and after your workouts.

This slow rate of digestion and all of the muscle building aminos casein contains can help your body stay in an anabolic (muscle building) state for several hours between shakes or meals. This helps your body recover and grow stronger between workouts.

What You Get From Every Shake
Each serving of Optimum 100% Casein contains 24 grams of protein. This includes more than 9 grams of l-glutamine and branch chain amino acids per serving. The amino acid l-glutamine plays a role in building muscle, helps support your immune system, and even decreases cravings for sugary foods. Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) are what ‘turn on’ the muscle building processes in our muscles. Studies show that can also help you lose belly fat, energize your workouts, and significantly decrease post-workout muscle soreness. Drinking 100% casein daily gives you enough of each amino acid to experience their benefits.

Casein Is Great For Building Muscle And Losing Weight
Even though it’s often marketed as a muscle building supplement, 100% Casein is great for when you’re dieting too. There are a few reasons for this. The first is that every 1 scoop serving has just 120 calories and 3 grams of carbohydrates. The other reason is that its ingredients and slow rate of digestion can help you burn off fat more easily and stay full for hours between meals. I personally follow a low carb diet and find that drinking 100% casein doesn’t spike my blood sugar levels, keeps me full for several hours, and helps keep me on track with my diet.

The Best Times To Drink 100% Casein
Given the fact that it takes several hours to digest, I think the best time to drink 100% is during the day as either snack or meal replacement. Doing so will keep you full, less likely to go off your diet, and give your muscles the nutrients they need to recover and grow stronger.

Research shows that another good time to drink casein is before bed. Results from one study shows that drinking casein before bed helps to keep your body in a muscle-building state while you sleep. Having a casein protein shake before you go sleep every night may help your body recover faster and over time, enable you to build more muscle.

When Not To Drink Casein
The one time you may not want to drink 100% Casein is before and after your workouts. Whey protein is a better choice at these times since it is digested faster. This means the amino acids it contains are able to get into your muscles quicker to help them recover and grow.

Available Flavors
100% Casein Protein is available in in four delicious flavors: banana cream, chocolate cake batter, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate supreme, cookies and cream, and creamy vanilla. I’ve tasted every flavor and think they taste really good. Much better than most casein protein shakes which often have a chalky aftertaste. None of these flavors do.

Optimum 100% Casein
Cost Per Serving
A 1 scoop shake of 100% casein will cost you just $.85 when you buy it from our online store. This is a great deal since it’s the fraction of what you’ll pay for the amount of protein it provides from other foods like chicken, fish, or beef. None of these protein rich foods are as convenient to consume either. With them you have to spend a lot of time preparing and cooking before they can be eaten. With 100% casein, all you have to do is add a 1-2 scoops to your shaker bottle with water, shake, and drink.

If you’re looking for a protein shake that will help you stay full between meals and support your weight loss and muscle building goals, 100% Casein is a great choice. It uses nothing but quality ingredients, tastes great, and is more convenient and affordable than eating eggs, beef, and chicken several times a day.

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